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Body and Health


  • 28 Mental Reasons To Exercise

    Feeling Tired

  • Why am I so tired? My personal experience with SAD
  • The Schwarzbein Principle - nutrition to stop feeling tired
  • I'm So Tired. What Your Brain Might be Trying to Tell You.
  • Another Reason For Feeling Tired All The Time - Dehydration
  • Raising Your Energy Levels
  • 11 Tips to beat low energy days



  • L-Glutamine - Not Just For Stomach Aches
  • The Schwarzbein Principle
  • Pain

  • Body Pains or Simply Emotions Not Acknowledged?
  • Why Emotional Stress and Pain Isn't Always Such a Bad Thing


    Seasonal Affective Disorder & Review of SAD Lights

  • Why Am I So Tired? My Personal Experience With SAD
  • How to Deal With SAD
  • SAD Light Comparison
  • SAD FAQ's
  • Benefit of Vitamin D with SAD

    Confidence Store

  • 3 Questions
  • Blamers
  • How Do I Stop Caring What People Think Of Me?
  • 65 Positive Ways To Deal With Negative People
  • The Power of Frustration - Free
  • Dealing With Blamers - 3 Case Studies - Free

    Confident Thinking

  • Self Growth Through Anger
  • Why Am I So Angry All The Time?
  • Changing Core Beliefs
  • How To Develop Inner Awareness and Why You Need To
  • Can't Let Go?
  • How To Be Happy
  • Forgiveness - How It Will Change Your Life
  • Positive Thinking Doesn't Work
  • 7 Reasons Why You Feel Guilty and also How To deal With Feeling Guilty
  • The Confidence to Let Go of the Past and Your Suffering
  • Confidence Boosters

  • As If! Confidence
  • Focus on Solutions
  • How To Change Your Thoughts

  • Attitude of Gratitude - The Gratitude Exercise


  • Latest Topics
    What's currently being discussed on Life With Confidence. Submit your questions here to see what others think and can suggest for you.

    Goal Planning / Life Purpose


  • Does The Gratitude Exercise Work?
  • Goal Setting - Staying On Track - interview with Harry Che of
  • How To Have Success With Goal Planning
  • How to Easily Achieve Confidence and Success - Guaranteed
  • Do You Know What Your Life Priorities Are? - They May Not Be What You Think
  • Quick Tip To Help You Reach Your Goals
  • "As If!" Confidence
  • Making goals or resolutions? Try a Life Direction instead
  • Make New Habits Stick
  • How to Make Your "To Do" Lists Work for You
  • Self Sabotage - 7 Ways Your Own Expectations May Be Causing Self Sabotage Behaviour
  • Saving Money Can Be as Easy as Changing Your Attitude
  • Do You Know What Your Life Theme is?
  • What Does Your 'To Do' List Say About You?
  • Does the State of Your Place Reveal the State of Your Mind?
  • Procrastination - Is It Causing You to Lose Focus With Your Goals?
  • Take Control of Your Life by Changing Your Attitude
  • Wish You Could Escape Your Life?
  • The Bad Habit of TV - What Are You Really Using it For?

    Life Purpose

  • Take Control of Your Life
  • 5 Signs That You're Stuck in a Rut and Need to Make Some Life Changes
  • Not Getting Anywhere?
  • 8 Questions to Figure Out "What Do I Want to Do With my Life?"
  • Can You Colour Outside the Lines?

    How To Deal With Frustration and Stress


  • Feeling Frustrated? Take Back Your Personal Power
  • How Frustrations Can Be Valuable Tools
  • Frustration - 8 Ways to Deal With It
  • Feeling Frustrated? Take Back Your Personal Power
  • Dealing With Disappointment
  • The Game of Opposites - How to Instantly Deal With Frustration
  • How To Stop Feeling Bad Instantly
  • Stop Struggling With Issues - discover how you get in your own way
  • How to Stay Positive When It Feels Like Your Life is Falling Apart
  • Regrets - 5 Reasons Why We Have Them and How to Turn Them Into a Positive


  • An Easier Way To Deal With Stress
  • Feeling Emotionally Overwhelmed? - strangling vine theory
  • Feeling Overwhelmed? Try choosing instead of reacting
  • Feeling Pressured?
  • How To Deal With Stress - What Are You Afraid Of?

    Inspirational and Motivational Ideas

  • Inspirational Stories or "Why You Shouldn't Listen to Anyone Who Says, 'You Can't' "

  • Inspirational Confidence Story - Abraham Lincoln

  • Games

  • Humor

  • Make Your Own Spirit Stones

  • Confidence Poems

  • Quotes

  • Send A Positive Thought

  • Confidence Videos


  • Blushing - Is There A Cure? - interview with Stuart Blanksby
  • How A Shy Person Can Learn Public Speaking - interview with James Greenward
  • Interview With Barbara Sachs Sloan - author of "Focus - A Blueprint For A Happier Life"

    How To Deal With Negative People, Negative Environments and Negative Thinking

    Negative People

  • How to Deal With Negative People
  • Always To Blame, Always My Fault
  • How To Deal With Negative People Case Study
  • What To Do When Blamers Make Negative Comments About Others
  • Are You Willing To Build Your Self Confidence By Avoiding Gossip?
  • How To Deal With People Who Put You Down
  • How to Have Confidence When Dealing With Aggressive People
  • What Do You Do If You Think A Co-worker Is Taking Advantage Of You?
  • Why Do Good Things Happen to Negative People?

    Negative Situations

  • 5 Tips To Change Your Negative Work Environment
  • How To Respond To A Negative Situation
  • Why Chef Ramsay is Wrong or Why Negative Work Environments Don't Work

    Negative Thinking

  • The Fear of Making Mistakes
  • Why You Always Remember the Negative
  • Raging Conversations (Negative Loop Thinking) - What They Are and How to Stop Them
  • 5 More Tips to Stop the Raging Conversations (Negative Inner Thinking)
  • Why Do These Things Keep Happening To Me? How Your Thoughts Create Your Reality
  • Positive Thinking Doesn't Work



  • Why Won't People Help Me?
  • Friends Who Put You Down
  • Why Don't I Fit In?
  • Make New Frieds
  • Signs of a Good Friend
  • Unhealthy Friendships - Why Do We Keep Them?
  • Why We Blame Others
  • No One Listens To Me? Why?
  • Jealousy - How To Deal With It

    Relationships in General

  • Do you feel like you just don't fit in anywhere?
  • Conversation Starters - How To Make It Really Easy
  • How To Deal With Negative People
  • How To Deal With People Who Put You Down
  • Why Do Good Things Happen to Negative People?
  • Are You Spreading Relationship Myths?

    Reader Asked Questions

  • How do I stop being so hard on myself?
  • Being Too Needy

    Self Esteem

  • A Quick Way To Build Self Esteem - Stop Needing Approval
  • Blushing - Is There A Cure?
  • How to Be Good Enough or What I Learned From Barney the Dog
  • "I Hate Myself For..." - 4 Steps To Change Your Thinking To Be More Positive
  • How To Handle "What If..." Worrying
  • How Do You Talk To Yourself?
  • Mirroring - A Key To Understanding Yourself
  • What's Your Life Story? Do You Need to Let It Go?
  • I Feel Like an Outsider, Like I Don't Belong
  • Raising Your Energy Levels

    Self Limiting Beliefs

  • Confidence Tips - Self Limiting Beliefs - No Thanks, That Doesn't Suit Me"
  • Your Inner Voice – 4 Reasons to Listen to It Instead of Limiting Beliefs
  • 6 Reasons Why We Are So Afraid of Change
  • How do we silence the negative voices?
  • More to Life - Respect Your Dreams

    Workplace Ideas

  • 10 Tips to Be Confident That You Are Writing Professional Email That Gets Noticed
  • Preparing For A Job Interview - How Your Actions Speak Louder Than Your Resume
  • Need a Boost of Confidence to make a Career Change?
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