Confidence Boosters

by Catherine Pratt

Confidence Boosters are activities to increase your confidence. They sound simple and they are. Basically, they’re used to try to take you out of your everyday routine. It's very easy to get caught up in autopilot of doing the same thing day in and day out. When that happens you end up stuck in a rut and stop seeing the world around you. Think about it, when’s the last time you went to a new grocery store or restaurant? The problem comes when you do it so much that you're afraid to try anything new. You can lose confidence in yourself to be able to handle anything out of the ordinary. So, here are some ideas of things to try. The catch though, is that you should try to do them by yourself. This way you learn that you can do whatever you want and you don’t have to wait for someone else to do them with. You know you can depend on yourself to handle any new and unfamiliar situation. You’ve done it before, you can do it again will become your new attitude.

The only thing stopping you from trying something new is your thoughts. Mostly likely your fear thoughts. Remember, action erases fear faster than anything.

I’m going to keep adding to this list and I'd love to hear your ideas too. Use the comment form at the bottom of the page if you have any of your own confidence boosters you'd like to share.

Go To A Movie

Remember, the catch, you need to go by yourself. This is a really good one to prove to yourself that you don’t need to wait until someone can go with you to do things. You are capable of doing anything you want when you want.

Pick something you really want to see. The nice thing is that you don’t have to consider anyone else’s tastes or preferences. This is something you think would appeal to just you. If you’re worried about, “what will people think of me when they see me sitting by myself?” Very few people will even notice you. They’ll assume your partner is off getting the popcorn or they simply won’t care. You’re not going to be there very long either before the lights go down and everyone, including you, focuses on the movie.

After you’ve done it, you should be very proud of yourself. For what sounds like such a simple thing, it actually takes courage to do it. This is a good confidence booster.

Go Somewhere New

Be a Local Tourist
Most of us never go to the local tourist attractions unless we have someone from out of town visiting us. Go check one out that you’ve never been to before. Take your camera so you’ll have pictures later to remind you of the new things you did all on your own. See your city for the first time.

Explore Your Own City
Or go to an area of the city you don’t usually go to. There’s probably lots of things there that you had no idea were there. Or just check out a store you’ve never been to before. Go to a different grocery store or go to a restaurant you've never been to before.

Explore your city and your surroundings. Not only will you be building confidence in yourself that you can do things, you’re also becoming more confident in getting around your own city. This will help you when you’re ready to try other new things. It can sound almost silly exploring your own hometown. You might think you already know it. But, if you think about it, you may be surprised by how small of an area you actually visit on a regular basis. Also, you've probably stopped really "seeing" your surroundings. Changing your routine even slightly will cause you to wake up from autopilot syndrome. Not only will you discover new places, you may realize there's more efficient ways of doing things or you may see new opportunities you just couldn't see before.

Start small. Move up to bigger and bigger challenges. Each one you’re successful at gives you another piece of confidence. Even if it doesn’t turn out exactly as you’d planned, you know you can do it and learn from the experience. Once you’re comfortable in your own city you’ll be able to keep going. Soon, you’ll be exploring surrounding cities or even going on that trip you’ve been dreaming about.

Learn Something New

The more things we learn and the more skills we gain, the greater the confidence we have in ourselves. We know we can do things. We have experience in completing tasks and we can use the knowledge we've learned to acquire even more skills. One builds on another.

Take a Course

Check out your local City’s recreational programs, see if anything interests you. Usually there’s almost too many things to pick from. It could be a fitness class (pilates, yoga) or a pottery or glass blowing glass or jewellery making class or painting. I tried out a silver jewellery making course. It was fun, I learned a lot, and I made some friends in the class. I’ve also done tons of pilates classes. Those are good too because I’m doing something beneficial to my body which makes me feel more confident because I feel healthier but also I’m getting out there and trying something new.

Or how about learning a new language? You can take a course in your city or there's even lots online that you can check out. If you do learn another language, you'll feel more comfortable travelling to foreign places.

Learn Online
Another way to gain new skills is to learn online. There's lots of sites available like or I've taken courses from both of these sites and have found the information well presented and useful.

Like Renovating?

Lots of home renovation stores now have short courses on anything from tiling your bathroom to painting faux marble to installing a garbage disposal unit. Lots of things to choose from. Pick one and have fun with it. Think how much confidence you'll have the next time you're able to fix something without having to call for help. Or how about how much you'll save from being able to do things for yourself.

Have a Car?
Lots of cities offer programs to teach you the basics about your car; changing a flat tire, checking the oil, etc. If you take one of these courses, it’ll give you more confidence when you’re out and about exploring. You know you’ll be able to handle any emergency like changing a tire.

Paint Some Pottery
There are lots of places that allow you to paint pre-made pottery pieces. This will allow you to be creative but also try something new.

There are lots of opportunities to volunteer. This is a great chance to work on your confidence but also help out your local community. It will also make you feel good helping others. You’ll probably also learn new skills that will help you out in the future.

Gaining Skills Are Great Confidence Boosters

The good thing about these activities is that you’re gaining skills. Having those skills increases your belief in yourself. It also gets you focusing on exploring your world and everything in it. You're not focused on yourself and what you feel is wrong with you or your shortcomings. You're out there exploring your interesting and constantly growing and learning. No more being stuck in a rut for you. You’re out enjoying yourself and while you’re doing that, you’ve built up confidence in yourself. So, get out there and try a confidence booster. The world is an amazing place and it's just waiting for you.

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Even More Confidence Boosters Submitted by You

The following suggestions were submitted by visitors to the site. Really great ideas. Love them. Let's keep them coming. If you have any more confidence boosters to add, just use the Add Your Comments form below. I'd love to hear your suggestions.


Ideas For Confidence Building

Submitted by: Barbara St. Aubrey
Web Site URL:

After being down for nearly a year leaving me in dis-array and overwhelmed I found your site - very helpful - and I started some Confidence Builders of my own that proved to be wonderful - 10 minute Sprints - I asked myself one day what could I do in just 10 minutes and started a list - I was shocked at how much I could do and the shot of energy I got - example:
1. Pick up clothes in my room, make bed with daily clean pillow case and bring clothes out to the laundry
2. Pull clothes from the dryer and fold
3. Boil water for coffee while I bring in the mail
4. Cream my face, arms and legs and brush my hair
5. Dishes in dishwasher - clean counter and sink
6. Write out a poem I am memorizing
7. Do bends and stretching exercise
8. Phone call a client with a written prepared opener
9. Clean a shelf in the Refrigerator or Pantry
10. Sweep/Blow/Rake Patio for 10 minutes
11. Clean patio glass door 1
2. Write a note to a friend or family member
13 Write a list of 10 Gratitudes
14. Play one piece on the Piano - make a list of 10 minute pieces.
15. Vacuum one room
16. Water indoor plants
17. Boil and cool hardboiled eggs while slicing an apple and a carrot
18. Make a pot of tea and set out a pretty tea plate, cup and saucer with best silverware
19. Early morning open all the windows in the house for 10 minutes and then close them
20. Without scolding or acting annoyed help someone organize their clutter for 10 minutes - Then I wanted to see how far I could quick walk in 10 minutes - really 5 minutes so I could be out and back in a total of 10 minutes.

These 10 minute sprints seem doable without the grind of a large project - make me feel light and playful often shocked at how much I can do in 10 minutes.


a few more ideas for confidence boosters

Submitted by Millie (England)

Do something that scares you .... go to a pub on your own; ask to join someone's table at a café, go away for a night, if something's worrying you, ask; treat yourself to a candle lit dinner or do something kind for someone else :)


Something New

Submitted by Anonymous

Doing something new I think it good to do something new that you never would have did.


More Confidence Boosters

Submitted by Phil (Australia)

Confidence Boosters:
Visit a display house/open for inspection, one that you aspire to.

Take a car that you aspire to for a test drive or visit a showroom and just sit in it for a while.

Go on a country hike & enjoy nature.


confidence boosters

Submitted by wendi lemerande (waupaca, wi)

You have offered some good advise, any books that a 14yr old good read or thoughts for teens entering high school? Any classes that help in that area?

Comments for Wendi
Date: Apr 20, 2014

Confidence Boosters For Teens: Books
Submitted by: Anonymous

 Here's some suggestions:
- John Green's books ("The Fault in Our Stars", etc...)
- "The Giver", by Lois Lowry


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