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FREE Self Help books?
Yes, you can find them out there. I find that a lot of them are really just glorified sales letters and provide very little useful information though. The following books are ones that I think actually do provide quality information for free and the sales pitches are kept to a minimum.

These books are available for you to download right now. You'll need to right click on the links and choose, "Save Target As" and then save them to your computer. Or if you just click on the links, you'll be able to read them on screen.

Hope you enjoy them.

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Power of Frustration

The Power of Frustration

The Power of Frustration
by Catherine Pratt
This is my self help ebook and I'm excited to provide you with a copy. The Power of Frustration is about not only eliminating frustrations but using them to achieve your goals and fulfill your greatest desires... even if you've never been able to in the past.

So, what secrets will you discover by reading this book?
- How frustrations are valuable tools
- 8 Ways to quickly turn around a frustrating situation
- How to instantly deal with frustration
- 6 Reasons why we're so afraid to change
- 5 Strategies to change a negative work environment
- How to deal with anger due to frustration
- Frustrated with making goals? How to make a life direction instead

Plus much more. These are tips and strategies you can use right now to deal with any frustrations you may be having. Discover how your frustration can actually unlock the secret to achieving your greatest desires.

Also, at the back of this very special ebook, you will find a series of quotes which are ready for printing on an 8.5" X 11 sheet of paper for display purposes. Choose the quote that means the most to you and it's ready for you to print.

Note: This book is NOT for sale and it is NOT for you to take to sell or sell its resale rights.

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Dealing With Blamers - 3 Case Studies

by Catherine Pratt
If you're dealing with someone who always makes you feel like you're always wrong and that everything is your fault, then check out these 3 case studies I've put together on Blamers. It might just make a lot of things suddenly make sense to you. It's not you at all, it's the relationship.

Dealing With Blamers - 3 Case Studies

Free Self Help Books by Other Authors

Change Your Habits
by Mayo Oshin
This is a 50 page pdf on how to change your habits. Some really good suggestions on how to create new habits and let go of bad ones.

Time Management For Creative People
by Mark McGuinness
This is a 32 page book packed full of ideas on how to manage your time better so you can be creative. So often, emails, phone calls and even your "to do" lists all get in the way of being creative. Solid, easy to do suggestions in here. Nicely formatted too which was a bonus. I'm personally going to be trying out his idea on how to handle emails because it's different than what I've seen before and it looks like it might actually work. So, if you're looking for some ideas on how to manage your time better, this is a good one to start with.

If This is My Comfort Zone
by Charles Burke
I'm very grateful to Charles Burke for graciously agreeing to let my readers have a copy of his awesome book, "If This is My Comfort Zone". If you're struggling to figure out your purpose in life or just why you're not very excited about your life right now, this book is for you. This is a very special gift so I hope you enjoy it.

The Inner-Power Emails
by Charles Burke
This is another ebook by Charles Burke. It's in the format of email conversations he had with someone who was frustrated with trying to make changes in his life. It may answer some of the questions you've been having as well. The power of gratitude and learning to believe that you deserve success are key topics in this book. "Success is a skill. Happiness is a skill. So is gratitude."

How To Be Happy Every Day
by Alan Tutt
This is a little 12 page booklet which provides some ideas on how you can be happy every day.

Opportunity Magnet 101
by James Barton
The premise of this book is that "The key to success in life is the skill to perceive, attract, and best use Opportunity" and it tells you how to go about being an Opportunity Magnet. It's a 49 page pdf document which you can download here: Opportunity Magnet

Blushing Secrets - How To Deal With Blushing
By Stuart Blanksby
A short 10 page report all about blushing. It provides tips and suggestions on how to deal with blushing but also explains why it happens. How to deal with blushing You can also read an interview I did with Stuart here:
Blushing - Is There A Cure? You'll find lots of great blushing tips within this article.

Inspirational Quotes Ebook
by Steve M Nash
If you love inspirational quotes, this 24 page ebook is full of great quotes to inspire and motivate you. Download is available from this web site Self Help Collective (no email required, straight download of pdf)

The Secret to Winning Every Time
by Jim Edwards

"Exactly how to rise above the competition in every aspect of your life so you can enjoy all the happiness, prosperity and MONEY you want… any time you want it!"

Think and Grow Rich
by Napoleon Hill

This is one of the most famous self help books out there. It was originally published in 1937. The famous quote, "Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve" came from Napoleon Hill.

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Sample Chapters

You can get free sample chapters from some really good books. They provide quite a bit of information just in the samples. They also give you a better idea on whether you'd like to buy the whole book.

Being The Solution - You can get the first 4 chapters of this book for free. I bought the whole book and really liked it. You can still get quite a bit of useful information just from this web page or by downloading the first 4 chapters. He even tells you his 9 steps for completely transforming your life in the sample chapters. It's worth checking out. On the web site, look at the menu on the bottom to find the download link.

An Excerpt From "Loving What Is" - This provides a ton of information on how to use Byron Katie's "the Work" concept. On this page, you can also find some of the other worksheets Byron Katie uses.

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