Raising Your Energy Levels

by Catherine Pratt

How important is it to raise your energy levels? Well, take this quick little test.
Stop and pay attention to the people around you.
- Who are you attracted to?
- Who seems really interesting?
- Who gets a lot done?

It’s the people with the high energy levels. They’re excited about life and it shows. They make you feel good just by being around them. This is a fabulous way to be. The high energy level gives them an added aura of confidence. 

One of the basic principles behind the Banabu Course by Mike Kemski is the idea of raising one’s energy levels. The Banabu course has an exercise he guides you through which demonstrates that you have complete control over your energy. Note: you can't purchase the Banabu course anymore. He sold the license to it to other people.

Basically, the exercise shows that if you decide to be high energy you will. If you just let external experiences dictate your energy levels then most likely you won’t. You are in complete control of your energy levels. It’s a matter of making the decision of whether you’ll be high, low or neutral.

You need to become aware of what’s affecting your energy levels but also accept the responsibility that it’s you and no one else who is responsible for how you're feeling. You make the decision as to what energy level you’ll be at. You may say, "how can I when I’m surrounded by ...” but really people are triggers and not the cause. You decide how to react just as you decide whether to let it affect your energy level.

No one wants to be around an energy vampire as Judy Orloff, author of "Positive Energy" calls them. Nor do you want to be around someone who just drags themself through the day. You'll avoid them whether you consciously do or not. They just make you feel "blah". And, you definitely don't want to be around that person when it's you.

Benefits of Increasing Your Energy Levels

People will be drawn to you – Mike Kemski has a story about how in his daughter’s dance class there was one girl who seemed to always get the best dancer of the week award which annoyed his daughter no end. When he looked at the girl he realized she definitely wasn’t the best dancer but what she had was the most energy. You couldn’t help but to be drawn to her whereas his daughter was just dragging herself through the motions. It’s a great reminder of how you don’t always have to be the best. Sometimes you just need to have the highest energy level.

You’ll get more done – whether it’s following your passion, exercising, or your work, you will just be able to accomplish more if you have a high energy level. You'll also be more creative and motivated. You'll be more likely to follow through with your planned life direction.

You’ll be more excited by what’s happening around you - Life just seems easier when you're running at a high energy level. You’ll also be so much happier. The little things won't bother you as much and who knows, you might just burst into song.

How to Raise Your Energy Levels

So, as Mike Kemski says it’s mostly a matter of making the decision of what energy level you’re going to be at. Here are some other suggestions on how to raise your energy levels:

Let go of the garbage – you know what this is. Whatever is weighing your soul down is just garbage. Let it go. It could be the negative voices in your head telling you’re not good enough or the experiences of your past. Let your past go. As Byron Katie says, "what I love most about the past is that it's over". You’ll feel 100 pounds lighter if you can just let it go. Your energy will be able to move forwards instead of stagnating in a pool of bottomless negativity.

Take Care of yourself – you may be insanely busy but you need to take care of yourself first. This could be just taking some time for yourself, going for a walk, exercising, and eating properly. Make the decision and it will happen.

Find the job you love – if you’re going to a job you hate every day, work on the courage to make a plan and leave it. It’s not worth it. You'll need to work on your mind and not let the doubt demons persuade you to stay in a job you despise. Find a job you love to do. You’ll instantly be filled with energy rather than losing your energy forcing yourself to just make it through the day.

Focus on the positive – focus on what you have and what you want to explore in life. Eliminate the negative in your life which can be everything from negative friends to watching the evening news every day. It drags down your energy levels

Listen to your soul – it’s far easier just to stuff down your true inner feelings by eating or shopping or distracting yourself some other way. Listen to yourself. Yes, it can be painful at first but it’ll increase your energy levels by leaps and bounds when you finally listen to yourself.

Raising Your Energy Levels ReCap

Take the time to be aware of what level of energy you're currently running at. Is it neutral or low?

If it is then you need to make the decision that you will change this and become a high energy person. Your life will dramatically change. You'll get more done, you'll become a magnetic personality, you'll become more confident and you'll just feel like you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. And you can. Start by raising your energy levels.

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