5 Tips to Stop the Negative Inner Voice in our Heads

by Catherine Pratt

Here are 5 tips to help stop that negative inner voice in its tracks:

1. Think of something else
Think of something that makes you happy or that you really appreciate. Life is too short not to appreciate the good things in life.

2. Silver Linings
Try to think of whether any good things will come out of the situation. Usually most negative situations provide an awesome opportunity to grow in some way.

3. Why? - think about why you are really replaying the conversation over and over.
Is it really because you want some justification for your anger?
- Do you really want an apology from the other person?
- Do you want to hear from others that you’re right and the other person is wrong?

Figuring out the real reason you’re so mad will help you to see the whole situation in a different light. It’s much easier to let go of that negative inner voice conversation when you understand why it is that you are so angry.

4. Lessons?
Are there any lessons you’ve learned in this situation? Did you learn how it feels when you’re not appreciated or when you’re taken advantage of? Could be a valuable lesson on how not to treat others. Did you learn how to handle the situation better in the future?

5. Karma?
Have you treated someone else the way you were just treated? Is the universe trying to tell you something?

Just by thinking about the situation in a slightly different way, can be enough to get you off the raging conversation trap. Raging conversations are simply a waste of energy. They get us nowhere and they are emotionally draining. By thinking of the situation in a different way instead of just “raging” we can learn from the situation and move on rather than getting stuck in a negative energy rut.

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