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I'm Renovating!

I created this site back on July 1, 2005 which is at least a couple of lifetimes ago in internet years. Back in 2005, Google was still a new kid on the block having only been around since 1998. Blogging was a new concept. Allowing people to comment on articles was a radical new idea. There was no Twitter, no Pinterest, no LinkedIn, no Instagram. No social media at all actually. There weren’t any iPhones or Kindles or even tablets. To create a web site back then, you also needed to know at least a little HTML, maybe a little javascript and probably use a program like DreamWeaver.  Yes, the world has changed dramatically since 2005. It’s now hard to even remember what we did prior to having all these things at our fingertips. How did we spend our time when we didn’t have the internet to surf and do all our daily life things like online banking, people to “follow” or even have companies like Netflix to provide us instant access to entertainment?

With so many changes, it seemed like it was time for my site to change with the times as well. I'd had the same look since 2005 and the look of web sites has changed dramatically since then. It was time for a renovation so my web site is now going through a huge transformation. I tried a new look in 2015 but it still wasn't right. It was a step in the right direction but it still needed more work. Another brand new look was launched in 2016 with a new header and new colors. And, then in 2018, yet another new template was implemented.

The progress of my site's makeover is very similar to what we all go through. We try something new, see if it works, learn some new lessons, try something else, and just keep improving ourselves a little more every day. That's partly what makes life so great. We have the opportunity to every day improve ourselves just a little more.

Part of improving ourselves is opening our minds to new ideas and ways of seeing the world. It's something that makes a dramatic difference inside but it's not always obvious to others on the outside and again my site is the same way. There's a ton happening behind the scenes which won't be as instantly obvious as the new header and colors. Still important to do though. There’s hundreds of pages for me to go through and it's a slow process. I want to take my time doing it as I’m looking at it as a great opportunity to take a step back and consider what new directions I want to take this site. I also need to decide how much of my site I should overhaul and make decisions like should I change its structure or maybe start to branch out in different topic areas? In some ways, I like its simple look in that it’s a reminder of how much things have changed yet still remain the same.

The one thing that doesn't ever seem to change is that people are still trying to figure out the exact same questions I bet the cave man was also probably trying to figure out:

  • Who am I? 
  • How do I fit in this world? 
  • How do I get comfortable in my own skin? 
  • How do I get along with this person that’s driving me crazy?

Probably no matter how much the world changes, we'll always have questions like this. No matter what technology is available, each one of us needs to go through a journey of self exploration. Figuring out who we are, why we act and react the way we do, how do we get along with others, what’s our purpose in life, how do we achieve our dreams, and even how do we figure out what we really do want from this life? Those things will never change. Learning about yourself and gaining that deep awareness of who you really are is the greatest journey you’ll ever take. And, that’s really how you develop your self confidence.  You discover everything you can about yourself.

"With wisdom comes strength, courage, knowing, and an ever-increasing peace." Rhonda Byrne

So, my hope is that even while my site is going through a metamorphosis behind the scenes, it can still help you to have an “Aha” moment or two on your journey of self discovery.

Best wishes on your journey.

Professional Background

If you came to this page wanting to check out my professional background, I'll admit that I don't have any formal training in life coaching or psychology. My university degree is actually in Communications. Everything I write about on this site comes from what I've learned from reading, courses I've taken, and good old fashioned "trial and error". I try out everything in my own life prior to writing about it on this site. Hope you're not too disappointed that I'm not a "professional" life coach. : - )

Anyway, that’s just a little bit about me and what's happening with the site right now. If you need more information, you can contact me through my contact form.

Quick Note About Sharing My Articles:
I'm always thrilled when people like my articles enough to share them with others but please, Do NOT copy entire articles and post them on forums, blogs, or other web sites. If you'd like to share an article, just post a link to the page. Thank you. I very much appreciate that.


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