Confidence Activities - Spirit Stones

by Catherine Pratt

Confidence activities can be as easy as making Spirit Stones which are basically rocks with words on them. The words are those that mean something special to you or can give you strength when you need it (for example courage or confidence).

I have Spirit Stones around my house to remind me at unexpected moments of the thoughts and ideas that are important to me.

Some of my favorite words to use are:

  • confidence
  • happiness
  • laughter
  • joy
  • peace
  • magic
  • love
  • serenity
  • wisdom
  • courage
  • hope
  • believe
  • success
  • harmony
  • luck
  • health
  • passion
  • strength

  • They're quite simple to make yourself. You just need to find some fairly large, flat, river stones. You can find these at craft stores, home decorating stores, or I've even seen them sometimes in grocery stores. You can get a large bag for about $5.00.

    Then all you need is a label maker which is able to make labels with a clear background. Make your words and stick them on your stones. What could be easier?

    The label is not as visible as it appears in the pictures. The flash is reflecting off the tape. If you're using black text, it works better if you use lighter colored stones.

    When you're done, simply display them on a pretty plate or in a container like a clear vase.

    The picture at the very top is from my wedding. I created a number of stones to include in my gift tokens for the guests and I had them displayed on the counter.

    If you're good at drawing, you could also make them using animal shapes instead of words. All that matters is that you have words and symbols that having meaning for you.

    "River stones were cherished by the ancient Chinese
    who believed they were a gift from their God."

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