More to Life - Respect Your Dreams

by Catherine Pratt

I want to share with you a really valuable affirmation I recently heard. This one is so important in order to get more from life and to achieve our greatest dreams.

"I respect myself for going after my dreams”

These words of wisdom are one of the affirmations I found on the site called Sunny Thoughts. It's an old site and doesn't seem to be being updated anymore but it does have some good positive affirmations.

Anyway, I liked this one because it sums up one of the key elements to reaching our goals. And that is that we must respect our own goals as much as we respect what other people are trying to achieve. Sounds simple but when it comes to trying to make our dreams come true, there are a lot of times when we tend to let everything else take precedence over our own personal goals. We think of all the things we need to do but we’ll place less value on these tasks than anything else that comes up. So this means that they remain on the “To Do” list but just never seem to get done. We tell ourselves we can do it later after we have dealt with all the daily life chores that seem to take up all of our spare time.

Make the decision to respect your dreams then you will naturally find the time needed to accomplish some of your intermediate goals. Make the tasks you need to do a higher priority on your list.

Don't Feel Guilty for Respecting Your Dreams

We can also feel guilty for taking the time to work on our projects. We feel we should be helping others first, ourselves second. Helping others can be draining though and following our dreams will provide us with a fulfillment and joy that nothing else can provide. In essence, it recharges our batteries which will give us more energy in order to be there when others need us. We owe it to ourselves to keep working towards our goal. Also, the more you put off your dreams, the easier it is to totally forget about them and then just have to live with the regrets later.

Believe in the Value of Your Dreams

The road to achieving one’s dreams is not always an easy journey. When we hit a roadblock it’s easy to suddenly start questioning “why am I doing this?”. It also seems that everyone has an opinion on what we’re doing. They may say, “Why are you doing that? You should do this instead.” We start to believe their analysis more than our own. Following one’s dream takes more than just self discipline to constantly keep taking those small steps, it also takes a true belief in ourselves and the value we have to offer to the world. By respecting our dreams and ourselves for having these goals, we give ourselves that extra piece of confidence to keep plugging away at what we want to accomplish even when we have no support or are going against popular opinion.

We admire people who have accomplished great things. They started out with a dream and they just kept taking step by step to make it come true. You can too. The world is waiting for your life’s work.

You Can Do It

So, remember “I respect myself for going after my dreams” and you’ll be attaining your dreams sooner than you could have ever imagined. You’ll also find that you are getting so much more from life than you did before.

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