A Quick Tip To Help You Reach Your Goals

by Catherine Pratt

To reach your goals, the one thing you absolutely must do is take ACTION.

Without action, your goal will remain forever as simply a wish.

So, a really powerful tip to help you to reach your goals, is to write on a post it note or an index card, the following:

What step(s) can I take today to move closer towards my goal?

By putting this note somewhere where you'll see it every day, reminds you to keep taking action towards your goals.

It will also encourage you to break down your goal into manageable steps. So, your action step might be as simple as picking up a course catalog if you want to work towards earning your degree or finding out more information on it.

By writing this note, it also makes you get clear on what needs to be done. If you're confused about what steps to take, then you'll most likely end up doing nothing. This reminder will make your mind continually ask "how can I reach my goal?" You will then come up with ideas and action items to keep you moving in the direction you want to go.

Another benefit of using this technique is that you'll be more aware when you're getting distracted by actions that aren't taking you in the right direction. For example, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds, when you're tempted by something like a chocolate bar, you're going to know that it would be better to say No and go for a walk instead.

It's also a really good reminder to not give up on your goals. You can do it if you just keep taking steps towards it.

If you take one little step even 5 times a week, you are taking 5 steps a week to being closer to achieving your goal. A lot of people will be lucky if they even do 1 step a week, you're doing 5.

Keep taking one step a day and you'll suddenly realize you're actually reaching your goals and not just dreaming about them.

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