Goal Planning / Life Purpose

Goal Planning
Goal planning and figuring out what direction you want to take your life can definitely help build your confidence. Making goals will keep you on track to reaching your dreams.  Taking action is also one of the quickest ways to move past any fears you may have.

Life Purpose
What's your life purpose? Is there just one thing you're meant to do with your life or many? Figuring out what you want to do with your life will allow you to start moving towards actually living that dream.

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Goal Planning                                                 

Have confidence in yourself, without it you won't be successful or happy
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Videos About Goals

Matt Cutts has a good 3 minute video on why you should try something new for 30 days and how by trying this you'll gain confidence.

Nina Cooke explains in her video why it's our own expectations that determine how successful we'll be.

Life Purpose                                                   

Finding your life purpose can seem like an overwhelming and scary thing. A lot of people make it sound like you have one special gift and you need to figure out what that is in order to discover your life purpose.

You're definitely here to do something special with your life. But, you weren't put here to do one thing and one thing only. That's where you're putting too much pressure on yourself. You're looking for that one thing and you may be afraid to pick something just in case it's not the right thing.

Let go of that pressure. Go back to basics and explore what interests you and what you like to do. That's how you end up finding your purpose. You explore and it opens doors and opportunities for you. You create your purpose rather than finding it.

For example, you know you have a love of animals. You could use your love of animals in millions of different ways. They would all be using your special gifts. There's not just one way to use that gift. There's lots of ways. That's why you start exploring what you like doing and that will lead you in the right direction. Even if the first thing you do ends up not being what you ultimately want to do, it will have brought you closer. You'll now have a clearer idea of what you really do want to keep exploring in your life. You'll also know what areas you're not interested in.

So, start with what you like to do and what interests you. Explore those more and you'll be amazed at where you end up.

Here are some other ideas to help you:

Send A Positive Thought - Images to Help You Find Your Life Purpose

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