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Having confidence at work will help you to deal with all the situations you can encounter in any job.  Work itself isn’t usually a problem.  You can learn the skills, the processes, and all the new technology like software programs. It’s the people that often cause us the most grief.  How do you deal with all the different personalities, stand up for yourself yet still have everyone like you and not feel overwhelmed by it all? This is where you'll find tips and strategies on dealing with the personalities in the workplace.


Sometimes all it takes to completely turn around a negative work situation is to simply change how you think about it.  If you think it’s negative, it usually will be. One of the best things you can do is to take a step back from the situation, remind yourself it probably isn’t personal against you, and try to figure out what’s really happening.  It usually only takes one person to make a real difference and with a few tips and suggestions, you can be that person. 


Learning how to speak in public or even how to be better at starting conversations can go a long way to making you feel more confident at work. You'll also find tips on how to deal with things like procrastination in this section.

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CoWorkers / Bosses                           

Additional Resources

  • Bullying At Work
    This web site provides detailed advice on how to handle bullying at work and how not to be a victim. 

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Negative Work Places

Frustration / Changing Your Mindset

Need More Ideas?

There's tons more articles about how to become a more positive thinking person and how to deal with stress and frustration easier in the Confidence Thinking section of this web site.

Career Change

Additonal Resources

  • How To Change Careers
    Looking for a new job can take a lot of courage and motivation. This site  provides some good advice on how to stay motivated. This site provides not only the usual how to get a new job but provides valuable info on dealing with the mental aspects of changing a career (how do I afford it, how do I decide, what should I do for example). It's a great place to start.
  • Job Application and Interview Advice
    This web site is great for the detailed information on resumes and interviews. It's written by 4 professionals who are actually involved in the recruiting process. As they say, "they help people Snag A Job every day". It covers all aspects of how to get that job you really want including job applications forms, resumes, cover letters and interview questions and answers. Very good resource.

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