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by Catherine Pratt

Your body confidence (self image as well as mental confidence) can be affected by how you’re feeling health wise.

It's pretty hard to feel upbeat and positive if you feel tired all the time and struggle to make it through the day, isn't it?

It also makes it tough to accomplish things and then you can end up feeling like a failure because you're not able to fulfill the goals you’ve set for yourself. Dr. Lawrence Wilson in his book, Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing, (#ad) also says, "Some fears and other negative attitudes and behaviors are in fact compensations for ill health or low energy. As health improves, these are no longer needed and may disappear suddenly. A surprising shift may occur, often accompanied by an insight about oneself or about the world." What a great added benefit just for getting yourself healthy again.

Sometimes, all it takes is making a few simple changes and you get completely different results. For example, instead of feeling tired all the time, you suddenly have the energy to do the things you want.

That's what the articles on this page are all about, making healthy choices to dramatically improve your self confidence.

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    • 28 Mental Reasons To Exercise
      You know exercise is good for your body but did you know it's also good for you mentally? I challenged Jason Squires from Squires Fitness to come up with 20 reasons why exercise is so good for you from a mental perspective. He surpassed my challenge and came up with 29 mental reasons to exercise.

    Feeling Tired

    • Why am I so tired? My personal experience with SAD
      SAD is also sometimes known as the Winter Blues because it’s usually triggered by the shortened hours of light during the winter. It’s estimated to affect 6 out of 100 people in North America. If you feel tired and are craving carbohydrates, you might be interested in reading my personal story of Life With SAD. It started out with me feeling unbelievably tired all the time.
    • I'm So Tired. What Your Brain Might be Trying to Tell You.
      If you feel tired all the time, it can be tough to develop self confidence. Being tired doesn’t always just mean you haven’t had enough sleep. Here’s a few other reasons why you might be feeling tired.
    • Another Reason For Feeling Tired All The Time - Dehydration
      I tried out the experiment of drinking more water and I was absolutely amazed at what a difference this simple change made.
    • 11 Tips To Beat Those Low Energy Days 
    • Raising Your Energy Levels
      What's your energy level? Your answer may be the reason why you're not accomplishing as much as you'd like. Here are some tips on how to raise your energy levels.
    • Also, check out The Schwarzbein Principle in the "Nutrition" section below. I had no idea that what I was eating, which I thought was really healthy, was actually making me extremely tired all the time.

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    • How To Make New Goals And Habits Stick - Do you find that you start out strong with your plans for changing your life like starting a new exercise routine and then end up sliding back into your old habits after only a few weeks? Well, ask yourself these 6 questions first and you'll be well on your way to making any new goal stick.


    • Our Daily Dose - some basic Fluoride facts that are important to be aware of. For example, "In the 1950’s fluoride was used as a medication to suppress an overactive thyroid gland... Currently in the U.S. we have an epidemic of thyroid disease, with one in eight women developing thyroid disease in her lifetime. Synthroid, the drug used to treat an underactive thyroid gland, is the most commonly prescribed drug in our country. "
      You can also watch a short film on the dangers of drinking fluoridated water.

    - More info also at: "The Dangers of Water Fluoridation"
    You owe it to yourself to learn the facts so you can choose whether to drink fluoridated water or not.

    • Allergies & Intolerance
      I have a huge number of food and environmental intolerances and it's shocking how intolerances can affect your body. It's not just the common ones like migraines or skin rashes or a runny nose. Intolerances can cause breathing problems, IBS, anxiety, body pains, fatigue, poor concentration, aggressive behaviour and the list goes on. This booklet provides a lot of information on what allergies and intolerances are and explains the different tests that can be done. Allergy and Intolerances 101.

    • The Schwarzbein Principle
      Ever wonder if something is wrong with you that you feel so drained all the time? Maybe it’s what you're eating. I found this to be a really helpful resource in figuring out what a good diet really involves. There's so much conflicting information out there and I found that this one made a lot of sense. It also explained to me that it wasn't just a matter of me not having enough willpower to give up foods that I knew were bad for me. There are hormonal factors involved when trying to get off sugar and caffeine. It helped me to understand what my body was going through and how I needed to be healthy first before I could lose weight.

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    Panic Attacks / Anxiety Attacks

    • Do you suffer from panic or anxiety attacks?

    The web site, No More Panic, was recommended to me from a friend who has dealt with panic attacks most of her life. She found it to be a great help in realizing you're not going crazy and there are things you can do. This site has good suggestions on how to manage panic and anxiety attacks while they're happening and even some suggestions on how to reduce the number of attacks you may have. It gives you that extra bit of confidence to just know that you can handle them when they happen.

    Other reasons for anxiety attacks
    Anxiety also isn't necessarily all in your mind. There can be health reasons for anxiety. For example, if your thyroid isn't functioning properly or even some medications can cause anxiety. Another common reason for anxiety attacks that people often don't realize is a Vitamin B deficiency. The following article lists a number of conditions which occur due to B12 deficiency which might surprise you:

    Changing your diet can also help with reducing anxiety attacks as explained in the following article: Dr. Mercola - Social Anxiety Disorder  (opens in new window, bottom of article for recommended diet)

    I've personally found that chocolate, even cocoa, and too much sugar cause me to have anxiety attacks. Fermented food also gives me terrible anxiety. So, you may also want to determine if you have any reactions like that going on.

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    Seasonal Affective Disorder & Review of SAD Lights

    • Why am I so tired? My personal experience with SAD
      SAD is also sometimes known as the Winter Blues because it’s usually triggered by the shortened hours of light during the winter. It’s estimated to affect 6 out of 100 people in North America. If you feel tired and are craving carbohydrates, you might be interested in reading my personal story of Life With SAD.
    • How to Deal With SAD
      Here are the 4 things I find make the biggest difference when dealing with SAD.
    • SAD Light Comparison
      If you're thinking of getting a SAD light, here's my review of the two SAD lights I have; the Sadelite and the Litebook which might help you in your decision making.
    • SAD FAQ's
      Some Frequently Asked Questions I've received about dealing with SAD.
    • Benefit of Vitamin D with SAD

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    Additional Resources for Stress Relief

    Access the Alpha State of Mind

    This is a link to the Psychic Junkie web site and on this page it tells you how to calm yourself down and get into the alpha state of mind. There's also an MP3 file you can download for free which is quite relaxing to hear.

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