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Here's where you can get your hands on the truly in-depth information on building your confidence, dealing with negative people, not needing approval from others, and basically how handle just about any situation you come across. I've written these ebooks myself so you know you're getting solid tips and strategies you can quickly and easily start using right away. These are also ebooks so there's no waiting. You'll be able to download the file (pdf files) instantly to your computer and start making those positive life changes.


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Stopping the anguish and taking back control of your life
This book is on a very specific type of negative person. I call them blamers because they always blame everyone but themselves. It's made to feel like it's always your fault something happened. They're also sometimes known as narcissists by psychologists. In this book, you'll learn the very best ways on how to deal with blamers but also how the blamer's mind works and how they view the world (it's completely different than how you view it). It'll completely change your entire perception of the situation and you'll suddenly find yourself free from the previous guilt, anger, distress, and frustration they used to cause in you. 80 pages

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3 Questions That Will Change Your Life

I personally love this technique which I share in this book. I use it every day and it truly has dramatically changed my life for the better. I'm so much more in control of my life simply by having this knowledge. It's such a simple yet life changing technique. With this method, you'll finally discover what's been stopping you from achieving your greatest dreams. It's also such an easy way to deal with those negative emotions like anger, frustration, procrastination, and boredom. It gets you unstuck but it also makes your life just flow so much easier. It's also a great little productivity tool. I'd definitely recommend checking this one out. You'll be so amazed at what a difference it will make for you in all aspects of your life. 70 pages

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How Do I Stop Caring What People Think Of Me?

If you're a people pleaser, this is the book for you. When you can finally stop constantly seeking approval from others, is when your real life will begin. Caring too much what others think stops you from sharing the real you. You're always trying to be what you think others want you to be. This book will free you from that endless anxiety. You'll discover why you need approval, why searching for it in others doesn't work, and also how to believe in yourself enough so that you no longer need anyone else's approval except your own. 130 pages

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65 Positive Ways To Deal With Negative People

Just as the title suggests, this book contains 65 ideas on how to deal with the negative people in your life in a positive and productive way. 50 pages

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How To Deal With Difficult People Without Losing Your Mind

We all know and work with difficult people.  They are everywhere you go.  While they are not fun to deal with, it is a reality that you cannot always ignore them.   You might want to, and be able to, if you don’t have a relationship with them.  However, if you live with or work with a difficult person, you need to learn how to deal with him or her.  Otherwise, you really can lose your mind.  Difficult people make your adrenaline go into overdrive, and before you know it, you can become as unreasonable as them.

22 pages


Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  What is a Difficult Person?

Chapter 2:  Why are People Difficult?

Chapter 3:  Difficult People Defined – How to Recognize Them

Chapter 4:  The Consequences of Being Around Difficult People

Chapter 5:  What Does Your Brain Have to Do with Difficult People?

Chapter 6:  Things to Keep in Mind When Dealing with Difficult People

Chapter 7:  Strategies to Keep Your Cool When Faced with a Difficult Person 

Chapter 8:  How to Set Limits with Difficult People

Chapter 9:  Dealing with Difficult People Begins with You

Chapter 10:  The Importance of Emotional Intelligence When Dealing with Difficult People


Comes with a workbook (Word document)

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Free Ebooks

The Power of Frustration

Are you dealing with a number of frustrations in your life right now? This book might be just what you've been looking for and you can get a copy of "The Power of Frustration" for free. In it you'll find some of the best articles from this site on how to deal with frustration and learn how you can actually use this emotion as a valuable tool.

The Power of Frustration

Dealing With Blamers - 3 Case Studies
Do you have someone in your life who is always making you feel like everything is your fault? Or like you can't do anything right? Then, this short report is for you. It's all about dealing with people I call blamers.

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