Three Effective Ways to Empower Yourself

by Guest Posting - Joel from Powerful Confidence Boosters

An excellent confidence booster that is available to you right now is to do something that makes you feel proud. Two examples from my own life are learning to play the song "Blackbird" (by the Beatles) on the guitar and also figuring out how to replace a screen on our porch door without having to pay someone to do it (and waiting several days for it to be completed). I learned how to do both things by watching free online video tutorials. (The screen door repair took me about an hour, but learning to play 'Blackbird' on the guitar took me ten times longer! It was worth it though.)

In my opinion, the number one confidence booster is positive self talk -- the way you communicate with yourself. Here's the perfect example: Before the snow finally melted here in the northeast U.S., my car got stuck on the edge of a snowbank when I was parking to go to an appointment. Instead of panicking and thinking to myself "Oh my God, what am I going to do?", I calmly said to myself "I CAN HANDLE THIS!" That helped put me in a resourceful state of mind, which enabled me to take decisive action and get the problem solved in 15 minutes. Instead of wringing my hands and feeling helpless, I got right on the phone and called Triple-A.

One final thought: Making a habit of watching uplifting videos online and reading motivational books and blogs can also help maintain a positive attitude and a healthy level of self esteem.

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