x cant let go..

by vicki
(barberton ohio)

i,ve been with my guy for less then a year and in this year his x that i never new about till 3 months into our relationship,(no he wasnt with her they broke up rite befor we met)when she contacted me she sent pics and no i couldnt open and look,he told her time and time to leave him alone i think, and she kept sending video of them saying it was when him and i were together!he has told me once "look she just called and then i would tell her to stop calling he dont want you calling,she finally quit ( I THINK!)but 6 months later i go to his fb page and look at his private messages and there she was saying i wanna be frinds and hope you have a good c-mas!i got so mad cause all he said was i will block her!why cant he tell her to stop in front of me?and why do i think they speak sometimes?if it were a friendly message why not post it for all to see why make it private?..a yr later and we are still on this x..and i would never allow a x to do this and if he did i would make sure my guy hears me tell him enough....

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Jan 17, 2012
our age
by: Anonymous

i'm 37 he's 33

Dec 31, 2011
It's time to..................................
by: Anonymous

You don't say how old you both are. It's time to block this immature two timer or more, boy. If he really cared for you ,he would have already stopped this stalker . He seems to be enjoying this, so don't get yourself in trouble looking into his messages. Your heart will heal and you will be much happier. Good luck

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