Why does he always tell me i'm crap?

by Hellen

I have been in this relationship on and off for nearly 5 years. The honeymoon period lapses and then the real him comes out. He is always so negative. He doesn't like anything or anyone. I'm sick of it. Recently i told him to keep his negative comments to himself but he just can't do it. We get into so many arguments and by the end of it he keeps telling me I need to go see someone about MY problem because I don't have any friends. What crap. I do have many great friends and I have been to see someone about it and the councellor told me to resolve this WE had to see someone together. He won't go. He keeps telling me that I don't know what I want and if I don't do things that only he like, such as going walking, he tells me I'm going to get fat. I go to the gym at work. I don't have to do everything he does do i?

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