What should I do?

by Anonymous

My husband and i have being together for 1yr and a month now and i still feel as though he still can't stop acting weird infront of me when he sees his ex. Its almost everytime we walk up or down the street, she's there and always raises her voice when she sees us or try to get his attention. He knows that she's there and always tries to look her way infront of me or when I'm not looking and somehow I catch him from my side veiw. Its frustrating. He always looks up at her house when we're walking by. From the way I see him, he's doing the same as she is, trying to get her attention. When I argue and ask why he's doing this, he tells me that he's not doing anything. I hear stories from his brother's wife that she buys him stuff when I'm not around and they talk together about who knows what. I confront him saying that someone mentioned this to me and he ends up geting mad and walking off. When we continue arguing, it ends up in a fight. She is married with kids but I still don't see the point why she always does this. We both know eachother's past and still when he annoys me, we bring back the past. He sometimes does things that he normally don't do and this keeps making me think alot. when I talk about us geting a place somewhere, he doesn't say much. When I ask him to talk, just says, what do you want me to say. I tell him that I'm fed up of this and ask if he wants me and not and he says, its your choice, if you're fed up with me then go. I don't know what to do. Please help! what should I do?

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