What am I doing wrong?

by Tee
(Dallas, Tx)

I been married for 9 months. I think my husband hates me. He drives trucks and I often sleep alone thats fine, but when he gets home he act like I'm not there. Recently he was gone four nights this has never been before and when I finally saw him no kiss, no hug. I asked him if he knew he wasn't home for four nights he said AND? He said I complain over stupid stuff...Am I not supposed to miss my husband? Should he miss me?

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Mar 07, 2009
No way to treat a lady
by: Buffet

Sounds as though he has no libido. Does he drink alcohol or watch sports on televison? If so, your best bet would be to dump this limp wristed sissy and find yourself a real man - like a bodybuilder.

Mar 02, 2009
sorry to hear that
by: Catherine

Hi Tee,

Sorry to hear that things aren't going well right now.

It does sound like something is going on. Do you think he'd be willing to go to counseling with you or at least talk about things with you?

Was he a lot different when you first got married? Was there an event that happened that suddenly just changed everything? Part of it may be due to the fact that you both have different ideas of what marriage really means. For example, maybe he thinks it means that he has someone who cooks and cleans for him whereas you think marriage is about companionship. Did you ever talk about stuff before you got married?

I can totally see why you're feeling upset though. I think anyone would in your situation.

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