Your partner is accused of cheating. He says he never and you can't prove it either way and to make it worse girls throw themselves at him and even though he don't do anything I get the hump and it's all because I don't like myself. What can I do?

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Jul 31, 2008
by: Carolitta

Obviously, your man is HOT.

If girls are throwing themselves at him in your presence, that is truly disrespectful to you. You need to speak up and let him know that it is not acceptable for these girls to be up in his face when you are right there. He must give the vibe for the these girls to back up because I am with my woman.

Also, there is no reason for you not to be confident in yourself. Your man is HOT because of you and that is why the other girls want him, because of you not him. That's what we women do, we make other woman want our man because they look so good with us. I'm sure you got it going on BIG TIME.

Tell homeboy to chill otherwise you are going to stop making him look so hot.

Talk to you soon Girlfriend.

Jul 10, 2008
Move On Sweetie!!
by: Auntie Lu Lu

Move on away from him sweetie. Girls throw themselves at him because he is a flirt and is more than likely cheating on you. You need the help of some of his friends to tell you as much as they know about what he really is doing behind your back. Quit being naive to yourself and you will have a different outlook about yourself. Going any further with him doesn't look good for a future with someone who women throw themselves at all the time. He is more than likely cheating on you, as I know first hand of a situation that is actually going on the way you describe yours. Best of luck, Sweetie!

Jul 09, 2008
Believe in yourself
by: Catherine,


One thing to remember is that you say he doesn't do anything when women throw themselves at him. That's because he loves you. He must think you're pretty wonderful and isn't even remotely interested in those women. So, he sounds pretty cool. Trust that he's not cheating you.

I think it's good that you're aware that you might need to do some work on your own self esteem. Is part of the problem that deep down you wonder if you're good enough for him? Maybe explore that. Why do you feel that way? You're definitely good enough. You might just need to let go of some old beliefs or thoughts about yourself.

If you have low self esteem then you'll need to be aware of when you might be self sabotaging your relationships. You might think you don't deserve anyone good so when you do have someone great, you push them away by not trusting them or by always looking for signs that they're cheating on you.

Anyway, if you'd like to give a few more details, we can definitely work through this some more for you.

Jul 08, 2008
Close your ears, honey
by: AuntEdna

Sounds like your biggest problem is listening to whoever is doing the accusing.

Second biggest problem is being around such untrustworthy and unethical girls that they'd throw themselves at someone else's partner.

Third biggest problem is blaming it all on your not liking yourself. Seems your partner loves you anyway, likable or not.

Ask yourself this: What would you do if he really were cheating on you? Leave? Or forgive and stay with him.

It doesn't matter whether you like yourself or not. Stop listening to anyone who will mess with your head. Decide to trust your partner.

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