The show

by C
(USA )

So... My boyfriend of 3.5 years has failed to show up at home multiple times. I have reason to believe that it's because I am frightening or too much to handle. However, the last few times all I wanted was warning and or/ a text. That's all, just something saying "I'm not in jail I'm spending the night," because while I understand he is an adult and having band practice I also understand he is an adult with a phone who should be responsible enough to text the person he lives with. I have missed work both out of not having my car returned and because of emotional distress. Tonight at the show I thought would be the end of some of this pain, I ask when he will be home. When, as in, before or after I work at 6am. He says, "I won't," to which I reply, wtf. This is it. I don't care if everyone else has been drinking, you didn't ask anyone before hand? Someone is still driving him to a party so he obviously has no problem being driven by a drunk so I don't get it. I will admit to being difficult even a person who wouldn't take the truth well but is there any justification for not coming home, repeatedly? I don't think he's cheating because it just isn't his nature but I'm feeling lost and abandoned and like I'm an awful person. We live together now and maybe I let my stress get in the way of being normal but is that even an excuse? I sincerely don't understand what the hell. I'm just so mad. How could he do this over and over?

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