Confidence Product Review - Simpleology 101

Type: online course
Cost: free
Web site:
Purpose: to teach you “the simple science of getting what you want”.
Author: Mark Joyner

What you get:
The nice thing about this course is that you do get a lot for free. As soon as you sign up, you get access to a PowerPoint video presentation, an e-book, worksheets, mp3 files, daily emails, and access to a forum.
Note: the video, the book and the mp3 files are exactly the same. They just provide the information in a different format.

You get this course for free because he hopes that once you do the first one you will sign up for Simpleology Pro or Simpleology Elite. Cost for these is $7 per month and $57 per month each. Along with the daily emails, you will also get opportunities to listen to various conference calls he sets up with “experts”. He also usually has the calls available on his site afterwards if you aren’t able to listen to it live. They’re about an hour long. The thing I’ve found about the ones I've happened to listen to is that he tends to talk more than his guest. But, I think you're supposed to be encouraged to buy the guest products.

What I liked:
It is a very simple concept which is basically to figure out what you want, start working towards it and don’t get distracted along the way. He breaks it down into simple concepts so you can truly understand why it’s so important to know what you want, be specific in the steps you take, and to focus on your goals.

What I didn’t like:
He doesn’t explain enough on how to use his dashboard and his other worksheets. The course tells you that they’re explained in more detail in the future Simpleology courses. It basically just says, use them. He’s broken it down into 36 days (18 lessons done twice). I didn’t get past Day 9 of the daily work but I did read the entire book. They’re very short lessons and I would have preferred longer lessons, less days. I understand why he did it this way (to get you in the habit of doing it every day) but it didn’t work for me. As with anything, some things work for some people but not others. He has amazing testimonials on his site from people that claim it has changed their life. I really wanted this to work for me and I may go back and try it again but so far it hasn't been effective for me.


Yes, it’s free and you do get a lot. It’s a good reminder of how we should focus on our goals and then work towards them. Just be aware that getting it for free means you’ll have to be “strong” against the sales pitches.

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