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Power Pause

by John

by Catherine Pratt

Please Note: The Power Pause has been available for a very long time. I purchased it prior to 2006 so since then it's had videos added and a few other minor changes but I do believe the product is basically the same as when I purchased it.

I do know it was taken off the market on June 24, 2006. It was then re-released a short while after that with a workbook and mp3's added. Those were not available when I purchased the product so my review does not include those.

Before it was taken off the market, there was a campaign about how you needed to buy it now before it was gone forever. It wasn't off the market for long (about a month or two) before it was re-released with the added workbooks and mp3's. I wasn't impressed with that. I thought they should have been more honest and said it was being taken down in order to add the additional items. Imagine how annoyed the people who bought the product believing it was their last opportunity to get it must have felt when they saw an "improved" version only a few short weeks later. Why treat people like that? And, why not let people who'd already bought the product, just buy the additional items and not have to buy the product again? Just my opinion.

Anyway, here's my original review of "The Power Pause":

Type: e-book
Web Site: Power Pause
Cost: $97 US is what I paid for it. I think it now goes for $39.00

To teach you a 3 step, 3 minute activity that will provide you with personal success, real happiness and basically completely change your life. It’s described as “There are only 3 problems -- money, health and relationships. Now, in just 3 minutes and with only 3 steps, you can solve your problems and achieve real, lasting success.”

Now, who doesn’t want something like that?

Author: John Harricharan
Length: 104 pages

What I Liked:
I like the 3 step, 3 minute technique. It’s simple, it’s easy, quick to do at various times during the day. I’m in the process of trying it to see if it does mean that I’m able to achieve my goals easier. So far, nothing has really changed for me but I’ll update you on whether it does make a difference or not.

What I Didn’t Like:
If you visit the web site: Power Pause, you'll see that it has lot of testimonials from some very highly regarded people. It makes me wonder if we were reading different books. I do like the concept he provides but I discovered that the Power Pause is one of those ideas that could be written up in a couple of paragraphs. He’s spread it out in a long story that I don’t find to be terribly well written. He does a lot of “telling” instead of just letting the story play out. He also has “spirits” or if you prefer the word “God” helping him out. I dislike books that use this technique especially when as he does they claim it’s a true story. It’s like they’re trying to make their process appear to be the ultimate truth because it’s been provided directly to them by “God”. Also, how's it going to work for me if he needed "spirits" to make it work for him?

If you've ever read about visualization and how it works, his technique isn't all that much different. You're not going to be learning some new radical technique which is implied in the sales literature. It's slightly different but still very much along the lines of other visualization strategies.

In my opinion, this ebook costs way too much for what you get. If you saw this book in your local bookstore, you definitely wouldn’t pay $97 for it. There were bonuses thrown in but I didn’t find too much that was of interest. You do get his other book, “When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat”. It’s similar to the Power-Pause except that he gets to meet and talk with “God” more.

Do I Recommend The Power Pause?:
No, it’s too expensive for what you get. I still have a lot of respect for John Harricharan. I've read some interviews with him and he does have a great outlook on life. I just think he's charging too much for this particular product.

Alternate Suggestion for The Power Pause:

If you'd still like to find out what the Power Pause is and how to use it, here's a great alternative.

The book, "Being The Solution" by Darel Rutherford completely describes the Power Pause process (he has the author's, John Harricharan, approval to do this) and explains really well how to use it. In the "Power Pause", you're sort of left to figure it out for yourself but in this book, he not only describes it, he also provides examples of how different people in different situations (health, relationships, self esteem, etc.) could use the Power Pause. I found this to be very beneficial to really understanding how to use the Power Pause process. He also provides you with 8 other steps that he feels are critical to getting this to work. It's only $10 and I liked this book much better.

This is a really powerful book which I think I'll be reading a few times as it's packed full of valuable information. It's one of the few books that I would classify in the category of potentially life changing. He provides a lot of the "missing pieces" that other self help books don't talk about. It's much more than steps to follow. He actually makes a lot of things suddenly make sense. It's 272 pages long and well worth the $10.

You can also download the first 4 chapters for free if you click on the download link on the bottom of the page. There's quite a bit of information just in these chapters so it's a good deal. He even provides a summary of his 9 must do steps in the sample chapters so you have a really good idea of what you're going to get when you purchase the book.

This one is definitely worth the money in my opinion.

Here's the link: Being The Solution

There's also a workbook available to go with the book. I didn't use the workbook myself but it does look like it might be useful. The Why Aren't You Rich Workbook

Disclosure: Compensated Affiliate

- yes, if you buy through this link, I will receive compensation which helps me to keep this site running. I purchased this product myself (it was NOT provided free) and after really liking it, decided to recommend it to you as well.

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