my wife had emotional effair

by chas
(san Francisco, CA)

I have forgiven my wife but really don't trust her. It's been 3 years

I still feel anger at my wife's mother and her friends, I feel that they helped her hide the affair and encouraged her to leave me and our children. They talked badly about me to my children. I do not feel I got an apology from them. They justified what they did by saying that they were sorry but only looking out for the best interest of my wife.

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Jan 07, 2010
by: Carmel

Sorry to hear of ur sadness.

U cannot change what other people think or say nor have u any control over it.
What happened happened its in the past.
Now what can u do for u??
Dont waste any more time "blaming"others.
What can u do now to think differently. accept what happened and ask yourself? What do u want for the future and focus on that alone.
Happy day ahead.........go for it

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