How different would your life be if you had more self confidence?
How much more would you achieve?

The joyful feeling of having confidence

Interesting question, don't you think?

It's a fact though. Raising your self confidence levels will improve your life. Having a healthy self esteem makes it so much easier for you to achieve your goals whether that's in terms of your career, your relationships or even just being so much happier about life.

The other amazing thing that happens when you build your confidence is that you'll not only be thrilled about living your life to the fullest, your excitement and energy will also rub off on those around you and you end up helping those you come in contact with. It's a win-win situation. How cool is that?

So, the question really should be,

"How exactly do you build confidence?"

Success begins in the mind

If you struggle with confidence issues, you probably crave to feel valued, special, and wish you could live to your true potential. But, your lack of confidence is holding you back. It's so incredibly frustrating!

You probably overly focus on being liked, a people pleaser, and keeping everyone around you happy. You worry more about others than you do yourself. You might find it hard to make decisions or feel like you don't have a lot of control in your life.

This is where self-confidence comes in. When you feel confident in yourself and your abilities, then you are far more likely to make your own choices and take risks so you can walk your own path.

Imagine the freedom of feeling so confident within yourself that you follow through on your own priorities instead of putting your goals on the backburner while you help everyone else with their dreams (which they often don't even appreciate).

So, what you want to develop is an unshakeable confidence within yourself. This includes having a powerful and clear vision of your future. With this type of confidence, you'll also be able to make decisive action but in a calm and self-assured way. Isn't that what you want?

Well, guess what? This is the way you're supposed to feel. That's your natural born right. It's just experiences along the way have beaten you down and changed how you see yourself.

I can help you change this so you can once again be happy and pleased with who you are and what you believe in. 

With consistent, small steps you can get to the point where you believe in yourself completely and you're consistently taking positive actions towards achieving your dreams but also living a life without doubting yourself every step of the way.

So Where Do You Start?

It's certainly not easy searching the web for confidence building tips, is it? You can find lots of self esteem and personal development sites but the majority of them seem to be more interested in only selling you things and won't provide any free information or that information will be at such a high, generalized level that it's basically useless.

You don't want to waste your time searching through hundreds of self help sites picking through what's really valid information and what's just marketing hype. You just want to know exactly what steps do you need to take in order to build your self confidence, right?

Then you're in the right place because that's precisely what this site is all about and that's also what makes this site so different. My goal is to make it quick and easy for you to develop your self confidence, your self esteem and just how you feel about yourself. I also think I provide more free, useful information than anywhere else out there. Yes, you'll find items to purchase on my site but you'll also find hundreds of pages of free advice to help you right now.

Practical Information

It's much more than just working strictly on your self confidence. It's about having practical advice on situations like:


It's about giving you the information you need to deal with the day to day events that you may at first think you have no control over. You have much more power than you may realize and by knowing what to do in uncomfortable circumstances means that you'll feel more confident about yourself. You'll have the skills you need to get you through any life experience.

My name is Catherine Pratt and I've dedicated years to figuring out this mystery called "confidence". I'm so passionate about this topic that I'm now a professional writer who specializes in the topic of self confidence and I'm also the author of 6 books:

  • 3 Questions That Will Change Your Life
  • How Do I Stop Caring What People Think of Me?
  • Blamers
  • 65 Positive Ways To Deal With Negative People
  • Power of Frustration
  • Stop Being A People Pleaser

When I first started looking into building my own self confidence, there were lots and lots of web sites but very few that actually provided practical information that made sense and could be used easily and quickly. They also made it seem so hard and appear like it would take me years to make the slightest difference (this turned out to be totally false as I'll show you on my web site). It was all incredibly frustrating.

Dial up the confidence

So, I basically had to learn on my own but the great thing was that I discovered life is completely different once you're able to gain even just the tiniest bit of self confidence. Another great discovery about confidence is that once you start, it continues to grow and grow and grow.

I've decided to share with you what I've discovered about building confidence.  I want to save you from the frustration I experienced trying to find information that actually works.

As you read the articles on this web site, you'll be amazed at the easy ways to build your confidence that are provided.  This site is like no other in that way. 

Benefits of this Site

"Know where to find the information and how to use it  
- That's the secret of success."

Albert Einstein

I got so frustrated with the "useless junk" a lot of other self confidence sites seem to provide. That's not what you need. You need real information and on this site you'll find all completely original articles, activities, strategies, and ideas.  I write almost all the articles myself (there's well over a hundred for you to read) and I give you techniques that really do work. I know they work because I use them myself. 

make positive choices in your life

My aim is to make Life With Confidence a truly valuable resource for confidence related information so you can make life altering changes today. My goal is to help you discover how to move forwards in your life and also to give you the tools so you can continue to make constant improvement. You'll no longer feel like you're trapped or that life is just passing you by. 

This site provides:

  • Original self confidence building ideas
  • Practical information on how to deal with work and personal situations
  • Confidence boosting tips
  • Step by step "How To..." articles on developing your self esteem
  • motivational quotes and encouragement
  • Inspiration
  • Excellent resources
  • Plus much, much more

Where Does This Confidence Information Come From?

The information on these pages comes from me personally trying different techniques out in the real world and seeing what the results are. That's how I know what works and what doesn't. It's not theory I share with you, it's tried and true techniques. 

Some strategies I tried were really positive and others were spectacular failures.  I continued on though as I was determined to figure out how this whole self  confidence thing works.  I've also bought a lot of products, some good, some bad, and I've tried out a lot of different ideas. I hope to save you from a lot of the wrong turns and wasted effort I made along the way. 

A lot of the time I felt I really just wanted some support, someone to talk to, or to find some simple solutions and advice without having to pay a lot of money.  This didn't seem to exist.  Most of the sites I found on the internet seemed to be mostly "hard sell" sites just trying to sell their products or they were confusing, too technical and used too much lingo which I didn't understand.

By setting up this site, I hope to be a supportive place for you and to save you from wasting money on slick advertising campaigns that promise you that elusive confidence but don't live up to their promises.  I'll be providing reviews of products and books I've used and am still discovering new ones all the time. 

small steps to your self confidence

It's a lifelong process to gain inner confidence but it can also be a pretty incredible journey because it's life altering.  It's also amazing because you can gain so much just by taking the tiniest of steps.  You just need to keep taking one small step at a time and the confidence just keeps building and building.  I hope to make it as exciting and as easy as possible for you and think it will be a fun and personally enriching experience for both of us.  Thank you for letting me share the journey to confidence with you.  

Here's to your new Life With Confidence

Now, let's get started

Are you ready to build your self confidence? 

You can go to the All Articles page and browse through the articles there.
You'll find most of the confidence articles separated into the following 6 main categories:

Body & Health Confidence - How do you feel?
How much self confidence you have can be affected by how you feel health wise. For example, if you feel tired all the time, it can be hard to feel confident.

Confidence Thinking - How Your Thoughts Shape Your Life
Confidence thinking can be a matter of changing your thoughts. Read the following articles for some powerful ideas on how to be aware of your thoughts and how to change them so they help you rather than hinder you. It's about understanding why and how you react in certain ways and having the awareness to make positive changes.

Goals / Life Purpose
Figuring out your life purpose and knowing how to make goals and follow through on them can definitely help you feel more enthusiastic about your life. Also by incorporating some of the ideas you'll find in this section into your daily routine, you'll be well on your way to developing inner confidence.

Self confidence with relationships can sometimes feel like the most challenging thing you'll ever do but with these tips and strategies you'll realize you can handle them, no problem.

Self Esteem
Knowing how to build your self esteem is a major part of building your self confidence. These articles will show you step by step on how to build your self esteem and you'll discover it's far easier than you might think.

Workplace Ideas
Ideas for your personal development while at work. Work confidence goes a long way towards whether you enjoy your job or not as well as the entire morale of your company. Here you'll find some strategies on how to increase your self confidence at the office.


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Testimonials - What Others Are Saying About Life With Confidence

This website is unlike others that I have come across! New stories, advice and information is continually being posted, so I look forward to regularly reading new articles. I have been able to use the advice mentioned on the site to find better ways of viewing myself and the world. I find this site comforting to visit, I am not bombarded with trying to be sold something and I know the advice comes from a genuine place. Thanks for bringing this site to the virtual world for people.
Leah P., Canada


This is a truly fantastic site. Thanks so much for putting this up on the web, and making it free for everyone to be able to access. You are a real inspiration!
Karen, Australia


Thank you for your kindness in contributing to our world. Your articles have raised the quality of my life by changing the way I think. I'm still working through the site, and know I will be back again and again. God Bless You.
Dorothy, United States


We are always in a hurry. Your site reminds us to stop and to think a bit. Isn’t is that great? Isn’t it the way content site should be? I ask myself another question which is more important for me: “Will I come back to this site?” Catherine, I will come!!! I feel comfortable here.


Kudos to you on this incredible website. I have bookmarked it and will return time and time again. I can't thank you enough for providing this resource.
Suzanne, United States


Like the other people who have written in I find your site of great help and comfort and I feel better each time I visit.
Lynn, United Kingdom


Your site has a wealth of information to read and take into serious consideration. Today I spent a few hours reading and printing articles for my personal growth toward confidence. I take life way too seriously and what others think just as much so. When I stick to good personal confidence training and put effort into it, a whole new set of thoughts enter my mind. Suddenly it's like all the toxic thoughts that caused fear and insecurity about myself dissolved. I also like that in the articles there is not complicated lingo to try to figure out. You have a good site here and I would recommend it to anyone-in particular those who need a boost of motivation, confidence, and learning to build self-esteem. Our world would certainly be a better place if we all applied the help you have here!
Shannon, United States


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