How to deal with looking so much younger then you are

by ryddy
(london )

I am in my mid 30s and i look really young - my friends keep saying things like the only person who would like you is a pedophile yet i have a body of a woman and those who have seen it say it is nice. Why are my friends like that yes i am petite but it is my culture.

What can i do to make things better and for me to be more attractive.

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Mar 25, 2010
by: Anonymous

Maybe you just need a little makeover or update. For example, maybe you need a different hair style. Have you had the same hair style for years and years now? If you have, definite sign a new cut might help. Different hair cuts make a huge difference to how old or young you look. Some hair styles do look very little girlish.

Or how about your clothes? Are you still wearing the same style of clothes that you wore when you were younger? Your clothes might remind people of how little girls look. Maybe just a little clothes update would help here as well. There's a lot of stores that will even provide an assistant to help you pick out a couple of new, professional looking outfits if you'd like help with this.

You might just need a few minor adjustments and people will have a totally different impression of you. You'll come across as more polished and put together.

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