how do u get over things

by sarah
(barry south wales)

hi I been with my partner for 3 and half years but it hasn't been easy because he has decided one min its me he wants the nxt min he wants his exs but they don't want him and he says that's all in the past and don't want them but when his drunk he has turn up on her doorstep when his exs boyfriend wasn't there and knowing that aswell but I know it wont b the last time it will happen and his ex reckons that he cant live without her and the kids but I agree with that but he says that he cant live without his kids but don't care about her and I am panoid about it and his other mother has told me that he doesn't want her and he tells me that he loves me but I don't listen or wont accept it coz it does is hurt so I cant trust him and I am going around circles over it I have been told by his ex that she doesn't want him back but my head wont accept either so I don't know what to so any advice would b good

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