Hard to Move On

by ajvi
(Canada )

I have had this relationship with a guy for almost 5 years, he is younger to me in age. He was the one who initiated and proposed his love to me. Our life was so happy until last September when his parents wanted him to get married to a girl from his own country. He told me that he never wanted to get married and that he would say no to it. But once he met this girl, he fell for her right away. He had been meeting and talking to her behind my back. I somehow found this and when questioned he came up with excuses. He had just thrown me out and is now engaged with that woman. I am not able to forget how he had betrayed me. This new girl is a rich businessman's daughter with a good financial background. I know for sure that he had not told her about the relationship he had with me. I know that he is not mine anymore.

He still keeps telling me that he loves me and he is marrying this girl to convince his parents. I am not sure if I should still believe him or not. I am in pain for what he had done to me, yet I am not able to move on without him.

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