dealing with a failed marriage

by David Brown
(wilson nc usa)

I am 41,(male) and still married to a woman who left me 2 years ago. I don't really blame her for leaving as I totally took her for granted and we were not growing. Our personalities were quite opposite but we really did love each other. After all the smoke has cleared I think about her all the time and feel she still loves me? My issue is I am in a very bad space of depression, over-consumption, disbelief, indecisiveness and the list goes on. I am very apathetic and just cannot get myself to start a new life and handle my responsibilities. I feel I am 'shut down'. I need help.

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Feb 22, 2010
Stay Strong
by: Anonymous

Although you're going through a difficult transition in life. Take it as just that. A transition. Soon you will move forward. Life does not come easy however if you faint not, you shall reap. Stay strong in the Lord. Move out of those negative feelings and know you can make it through the storm but only when you're ready to do so. If you have been seperated for the past two years because of you taking her for granted; then yes, she still loves you and you should get your wife back. You are the man, the head of the household. It make take time for you to work together however it will be well worth all the effort. Be honest, completely. Share your inner most desires, secrets. Flow with open communication and watch your marriage blossom. Take care and seek God to keep you strong.

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