You must work in my office!

by Patty

I feel everything you have to say is spot on. I constantly have friends telling me that I need to look for another job. Narcissists are everywhere! Why should I leave a good paying job in a tough economy for a lower paying job in hopes that no narcissists work there? I would prefer to read and learn techniques that I can use so they are no longer able to damage my soul. So many times, I've left work with my head hung low feeling as though I have a "I'm stupid, kick me" sign on my back. I realize that I am part of the problem because I do end up feeling like it is all my fault, thus empowering the Narcissist. Just as you've stated, she is so sweet and charming to the Boss who simply cannot understand why I have a problem with such a lovely woman! Of course, the Narcissist does not show her true colors when the Boss is around. I'm in remission from Cancer. I just went for a 3 month check up and my Doctor was very concerned because I've lost 7 pounds in 3 months. He asked if I was on a diet. I told him it's all stress. I have taken on the victim role and just keep quietly to myself in my cubby in a 3 woman Secretarial office. I think of it as "dodging bullets". They think of it as "snubbing". I don't want to get involved in their vicious gossip or backstabbing. Tommorow, I am going to put on my invisible force field prior to going to work. I am going to be positive even if it kills me and I am going to get this book! I now realize that I may be able to stay at a job I like if I can utilize these techniques to deal with individuals at the job that I don't like.

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