wow! This is great truth

by Delores

Wow!! I must say that I so appreciate this article. My sister send me this as we have dealt with a very negative sister for years, even to the point she has come between us and others. This has such insight and has added so much to what I am learning counseling with a Dr. Thank you for sharing this information on how I can walk through this and be better on the other side. It actually says what I feel toward two family members at the moment. Very interesting and enlightening; so I thank you.

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Mar 02, 2013
by: Anonymous

I lived all my life taking blame for many things I never did to anyone. Started with my mother, a twin and my sister. Went through a lot of emotional pain in my formative years. Labelled a loser, black sheep, etc......infinity.
Went through some horrifying things in my thirties too all traceable back to the same. Every time I succeeded, it was taken away.
Almost left in highschool and then when I did later, they followed me.
My sister has had me arrested twice for her causes and wrongdoing.
I feel like eveytime I get up she knocks me down. Narcissistic, indeed she is in every way.
Feel like cinderella sometimes.
Breaking free . Over years of my life. I think what is important is that it was 'my life' not theirs!
The wrong they did and it was they not me.
Stepped off on solid ground!

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