why i feel the odd one out in all my family?

by bronagh

my girls in my family all girly girl like barbie and all and boys in my family all into boy stuff like normal but me iam a girl and i love doctor who like all fiction werid stuff my sis all think iam werid liking that i just love all werid stuff but i tottaly love dr who and i dont like wearing dresses and suff ewww and my mum say iam a wee bit werid too and my friends all talk about discos and stuff and iam like umm hahhahaha searsly realy u talking about ill rather talk about boy stuff lol and my friends are all haha ur werid so werid i stay in my room for ages so i feel the odd one out my sis say i am and the odd one out since i like dr who i keep on thinking like since the dr who is the oddd one out iam like a time lord to but i dont think there so much thing i wish there was see i am werid

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