Who am I?

by Denise Rabroker
(Lorena, Texas USA)

I found out by accident that my father was not my biological father at 38. I am now 60 and my Mother knows who my biological father was but won't tell me. Everything she has told me about my birth and early childhood has been a lie. She gave me up for adoption at birth. The couple kept me for a year and divorced and they gave me back to my Mother and the man I thought was my father. I have 2 half brothers one was given up for adoption and the oldest I was raised with. My Mother still not want me and did really bad things to me. I am the sibling that takes care of my Mom and Dad and Brother but when I need help they don't help or even care. My Mother has told my brother things about my life but won't tell me and neither will he. The pain is unbearable. I have the right to know the truth but my family is in denial about how they have treated me badly all my life but my ex-husband of 16 years saw the way they treated me as not part of the family and hated what they were doing to me. I have been through therapy and I need peace and don't know how to overcome this.

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