When do I stop trying?

by Elsa

I am a people pleaser , I try to make my bosses happy, I try to follow all their rules . I take all their negatives & put downs, sometimes as an individual person I wish one day , when the phone rings ,someone on the other end will have something nice to say, I would even take a Thank you. Yes sometimes this makes me angry and defensive. I could say my whole life has been like this ,I am cursed, unlucky.

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Mar 01, 2012
You teach others how to treat you
by: Anonymous

It's like spoiling a child. Of course, if people learn they can take advantage of you, they will.

Think about what you are doing each time you do something simply to make other people happy. Ask yourself:

1) Is this okay with me?
2) Am I sacrificing something?

If you are, and your boss is being demanding, you could say something like "I can get this done, but it will take me a while because I have some other stuff I need to take care of."

You don't have to outright confront them, just let them know you have needs as well and deserve to be treated like a person.

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