What to do if you know you won't do it?

Very good reasons, indeed. I know all these 29 are true - and could maybe even come up with a few more - but, that said, how do you MAKE yourself get up and do it? Intellectually, I know I should and would feel better if I did, but no matter how many times I say that to myself, I know that in the end I will not do it. How do I get out of this dark and depressed state where nothing matters and why bother? How do I reach a more positive place in the light?

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Feb 25, 2015
no friends, no successes
by: Anonymous

No, I don't have a friend to walk with - all 3 of my good friends moved away last year so I am alone/isolated & it's hard to make new friends here for a number of reasons. It is impossible for me to beat the initial inertia & get out there b-cuz it seems like I've never gotten a positive reward for anything (for doing the right thing, being honest, working hard etc.) so why bother? Everything I have tried to make a successful life has failed - relationships, career, all of it. (And now I'm too old to retrain.) People who haven't tried nearly as hard or as honestly and with less resources than I, have gotten a lot more out of life. I just feel very trapped with no options. It's very depressing.

Feb 24, 2015
What about a walk with a friend?
by: Anonymous

What about asking a friend to go for a walk with you? Even a short walk will help you to feel a little better. Just getting out and doing something different.

If you don't have a friend that will go with you, tell yourself you just have to go for a ten minute walk and then you can go home. You'll probably find that once you're up and about, you go for longer. It's just getting past that initial inertia.

Sorry you're feeling down right now. Is it a winter thing? Do you have SAD? Or just other things going on?

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