What is with my husband??

I have been married for 2 years now and we have been together for 3 years. Throughout those years, I always noticed that my husband seems a little rude and always made comments such as " know one will tell me what to do", "nobody owns me" and things to that effect. For the last month or so, he seems to say this alot. I have also started noticing, that he seems to think he is never wrong, even if prove he is, then he gets poutty with me and doesn't talk to me for a bit. When something is going wrong in his life, he seems to take it out on me. I always try to cheer him up, then I get to the point where I start getting frustrated as he just doesn't seem to take my positive suggestions. He has been saying things like "nothing ever goes right for me", "I never have any luck with anything" and why I try to make him see the bright side or suggest something that can help, he looks at me like I'm crazy, or says "oh you think that will work". I have been so upset lately and have been walking on egg shells around him as I don't want him to get mad at me for ANYTHING as to avoid him giving me the silent treatment. He has been having a bit of financial problems lately ( as he insits on having his own money), I offered to help him and he refuses the help. He makes 3 times the money I do and has yet to offer me a single penny to help me pay the mortgage and all the utilities. He doesn't pay for any bill that has to do with the home even though he knows I struggle to make ends meet. He does however pay for his brand new truck, his brand new ATV he purchased without even asking what I thought or what I would like. He makes all those decisions on his own, he leaves and comes back with a new vehicle. Now he is planning on selling our cottage without discussing the issue with me. What is going on is what I'd like to know. I always feel like crying, I am emotionally drained and exhausted by trying to always make him happy when he can't even be as nice as to say I look good, or did a good job on something. NOTHING. Is it my fault or is it him???? Please help, I am struggling to stay on top of his issues and keep peace in our life.

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Mar 11, 2012
No walking on eggs shells , please
by: Anonymous

Sounds like he is trying to cover his depression. He needs to see his primary physician for his general health first. If he won't let you go with him ,call his doctor and let him know what is going on. His doctor should know what to do next concerning his mental health. You should do the same and seek a counselor to help you out. Walking on egg shells is dangerous to your health physically and mentally .

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