What if...

by Lauren

What if it's none of those things you said up there {Feel Angry All The Time}

What if you're angry at all the idiots around you? People that can't drive, people that are dumb, people that are rude, parents that can't parent their kids, people that whine about stuff when it's their own fault and they're the ones doing it to themselves. What if you're just angry at the state of things and you think it's messed up when people think you have an anger problem when what you're really angry at is them? What if you're fine when you're by yourself but as soon as you get around any one else then you feel the quiet anger burning inside you? I can't stand most people, I feel like I am an angry person... but there's nothing I can do about it. I hate bad kids, I hate people that expect different results and do the same old tired things they always do. I'm tired of being labeled as angry when all the people around me are messed up beyond belief and come whining to me for answers and get pissed when I give them the cold hard truth. I'm tired of people that have a bunch of kids and then complain when they can't feed them and whine that the government took away some of their food stamps. I hate that just because I can keep my legs closed and not have a bunch of brats I can't support, the government refuses to help someone like me. I go to work every day and bust my ass to try and get a little bit ahead. Then you have people living in a trailer park with 6 kids who never go to work and get to sit and watch cable tv, and I don't have a pot to piss in. Why should they get the chance to breed and pass on their genes? If the government didn't give handouts to a bunch of slackers, them and their kids wouldn't even be alive. I'm sick of hearing about some stupid kid that killed their selves because of bullies at school. Then all of a sudden the parents want to get upset and pay attention to their kid and try to get the bullies in trouble with the law. If your kid doesn't have enough value on life to not go and kill their selves because of jerks at school, something is wrong with that child and those parents should have been paying attention and got their kid counseling long before. I was ridiculed in school along with being chronically sick, I didn't go and off myself. I'm tired of drug addicts (illegal and prescribed) that just think there is a pill for everything. Oh because I'm "angry" something is wrong with me and I need a drug for it. Maybe we all should be a little angry, maybe things would actually get done, and somethings that needed to change would. Why is there something automatically wrong with me because I'm angry? Maybe it's every one else... Maybe they should be angry, and their just not because everyone tells them they shouldn't be, or their just too stupid.

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Aug 05, 2016
I could not agree more
by: Anonymous

Literally described my life (including chronic illness) and sadly as expected you received an unsatisfying generic response. "Oh maybe you should except that everyone else is horrible and stupid and leaching off the system while your left to fend for yourself and just be less angry" because obviously ignoring the problem (a lack of responsibility) will make it go away. Good to know thanks

Nov 10, 2010
Behind the Anger
by: Catherine

Hi Lauren,

I agree with you in that sometimes anger can be a useful thing. For example if someone told you, "You'll never be able to do that" and that annoys you so much that you go to the extra effort to actually do it. Then you've used your anger in a positive way.

When you're angry at everyone and everything all the time then it's just an incredibly draining and tiring way to live. You may also tend to push people away from you and end up being lonely and have no support when you need it. It may also mean that you tend to see the negative before the positive. So you may think something like, "It's no use, they won't help me" and give up before you even try to do something you really want to do.

Anger usually has another emotion attached to it.
Did you have a chance to read my other article, 10 Possible Reasons Behind Your Anger"? This will explain what I mean more.

But, take a moment and see if there's another emotion behind your anger. For example, do you feel hurt that no one is helping you? Or hurt that you did everything you were told to do (get good grades at school, work hard) and it feels like you're not getting anywhere? Or is there fear that you're not going to make it (eg run out of money and can't pay your rent)? Or even a feeling of helplessness that things are done to you and it feels like there's nothing you can do to change things.

If you identify emotions like that happening behind the anger, it will help you to deal with the real issue that's bothering you so much. Sometimes even just identifying the real emotion behind the anger allows you to let it go. Other times it takes a little more work. But it's a really important first step. Figure out what else you're feeling besides the anger.

Anyway, I know what it's like to be angry at everyone and everything all the time. Life is just too short for that and it's not worth it. You miss out on some really great things because you're so caught up in your anger. You just feel bad all the time and you can't see a way to move forwards. You're also focusing your attention on things you can't change instead of concentrating on what you want to accomplish in your life and actually living your life.

So, I hope you do figure out what's going on behind your anger so you can let it go and actually love your life again. Let me know if I can help at all.

Nov 10, 2010
So sorry.
by: Anonymous

I am sorry that you are so angry at the world. I agree with a lot of the things that mentioned, but it's called "life". There are still a lot of people out there that do the right things and are just like you, watching someone "work the system". We can only do the best we can with what we know. Odds are that the people that you are talking about, are doing what their parents and/or families did. Some are lucky and see the other side and work to get there and sometimes it's a hard road to travel. But they do it.

I wish that you saw the good side in people. Smile at someone, they might just smile back. Open a door for someone, they might open a door for someone else someday. It's the little things that people see and do for each other. Volunteer at a food kitchen. You think you got it bad, you ain't seen nothing yet. God only gives us what we can handle.

Oh by the way... I am sure that you were a kid at one time and were naughty at the "wrong moment" too.

Look at the good stuff, life is to short and you are using valuable time on the "small stuff".

I am sorry if this sounded "preachy" but when I read your post, I hurt for you.

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