What do I want

by Sally

After years of being in bad relationships and being very submisive, I met the right guy. He taught me to be confident, made me aware of my beauty (inner and outer), made me understand it wasn't all my fault and it wasn't all about me. He showed me that we are all a product of our upbringing to some extent and helped me learn life skills i never had before. He helped me see myself and the world though different eyes. .....
He is a very independent person, knows who he is, needs no one but wants me, loves his job, all in all a pretty switched on guy...
The thing is...though circumstance that I won't go into, we find ourselves living thousands of miles apart at the moment...I will be able to go back to live with him in a few months but until then he wants me to take the chance to find the real me and live it. He tells me that at the moment I am living in his shadow and he doesnt feel comfortable with that. He knows I have it in me to live my own life and he would love to share that with me when I find it. It might sound strange to some people but I know what he means....I cant carry on living his life, I need my own, but how do I work out what I want? I have never known that, so how do i go about finding it?
This conversation came up because i turned into a needy person, I constantly needed reasuring that I was loved and wanted, over and over and over again. That wasn't the new me, I just freaked out for a couple of weeks, lol.
So how do you know you, and what you want? Never been given the chance before he came along and so want to find out but dont know where to start?
Thanks for reading

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