what desicion should i take

by sarija patel

Dear sarija,

i am really confused of my future. i m very much dippressed.kindly help me to take better decision in my life

Few years back in my school days a had a infactuation with one guy we loved for 2 years in the age not more that 16,17, due to some misunderstandings we saperated and now i forget him also.

Now i had a proposal from my friend who knows me little and he dont know about my past, i like him alot but i feel very guilty that i am hiding this old love to him. i am realy dippressed due to this pls help me to get agood decision

but one thing if i tell him the truth my life gone away he hate me, that he itself told to me like that

pls help me
im thinking that instead of having a life like this i will tell the truth and lose my future is better

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