ways to cope with controlling parents

by matt
(old fort,TN,USA)

This is my first post on this site. I decided to post simply because of my wish to help others escape with their individuality.
My mother (actually grandmother) is one of those people you see at Wal-Mart scolding a child who is not her own. In her mind, her ideas,opinions and thoughts are FACT. she doesn't consider others feelings or needs. I have, unfortunately, only just realized this fact. Its people with this mentality, that cause children to grow into adults with serious anger or depression. Yet, most parents and even parenting coaches still side with the idea that parents are perfect. I gave up my chance at college, the military, and many friends and opprotunitys for my "mother". i hate to see any human being venture down that road simply because, they are unable to break the years of propaganda in their mind. If you truly want to get free from negative or even. controlling people, then you have one option. RUN. not away from your problems, but away literally to another city, state or even country. show to the people in your life you refuse to listen to their bull anymore. NO one has the right to tell you how to live. that's why we have the freedom to make mistakes. never give up the right to choose. as soon as you do, your telling He/She they are more important than your own basic human rights! Remember, choose whats best for YOU, not family or friends just cause they make you feel guilty.

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