Unbearable in-law

by elle

I have a brother-in-law who does everything to find fault with me, to criticize me, and to put me down and make me feel inferior. Actually, I can also feel that he does this because he does not like me.

Once I told my husband that I feel sad he has not tried to take my defense when this brother-in-law offended me. So, when this happened again, my husband tried to defend me, but he did so in a very unconvincing way, and it was no use at all.

Yesterday I made up my mind that I will never go to that person's place. But still, there will be times when I will have to face him; at other relatives' places, or even when he comes to my place to visit my husband. They are very close and I dont think my husband will accept to break ties with him because of me.

Moreover, I do not like his influence on my husband. He always tries to make my husband become cruel and arrogant like him, and lures him into smoking marijuana very often. To make things worse, my husband always praises him and tries to cover up his flaws. I cannot stand him anymore, because I feel that I do not deserve to be humiliated by someone who does not give me my daily bread. What should I do??

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