This opened my eyes to a past relationship.

I got into a relationship where the boy I was dating was funny and charming. Or at least I thought he was. Eventually, he would point out the negative things that I would do, try to catch me in lies, and put me down for my talents. He was all about himself. Forget how I felt, it was about how HE felt. Finally I took the blind fold off and saw him for his true nature. The breakup process itself was a wreck. But hey, in the end it's an issue I'm no longer dealing with. After reading this article, I just saw the total truth about my past. I'm so much happier now. Especially that I don't have someone pointing out my every single flaw.

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Jun 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have been caught up in this situation going on a year now , I have had previous relationships where i had been treated so much better and at the slightest bit of mistreatment i would have left, why is it that i have put of with so much ?its clear that its the toxic nature of this relationship!I have always felt so compelled to stay and wait for a change! This relationship has completely messed up my whole way of thinking, i had never been put down or treated so badly before in my life especially when i had done nothing to deserve it. Every day i wake up nervous because i dont know what mood my partner will be in , i keep trying so hard when i shouldnt need to, i cling on for the tiny moments of happiness within our relationship and fool myself into believing things will change eventually if i ignore his moods. Every single line of this article has described my partner to a T.I'm so happy to realize that the problem does not lie with me yet this type of person exsists and i am not to blame. I'm want to show this person what they are doing , but seeing as they are so selfish i know everything i say will be twisted and turned back on me! I cant stay in this situation forever and i am glad i have more confidence to try and move on with my life! how can one person make you feel so awful?!

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