This is all so sudden. I'm excited, yet lost.

by Adrian

So, growing up, I had this understanding that my father was the man who raised me as a kid...To make a long story kinda short, at the ripe age of 20 years old, I come to find out that my mother was with another man when she was with my "father". It just hit her, out of nowhere, that memory and realization that there was in fact another guy. My "father" and I have a shaky past...he was very abusive towards me and I never truly understood why..until now..
I have come to the understanding that my "father" was abusive simply because he KNEW I wasn't his blood. He KNEW I was a product of a loving man and a consenting woman, and not a drug addict, abusive tool..this might've made him jealous and full of anger, which looking back, makes complete sense to me now..
I got in contact with the man who my mother had mentioned just about a week ago, and SURE ENOUGH I have this man's nose! I have his ears, nose and chin! Even some of his toes! It's all so shocking to me still, to see similarities in a man I've never met before..I have literally nothing of my "father" in me. Nothing looks even remotely identical besides my eyes, but I think I see it because I was raised to believe I had his if he wanted me to never question who he was to me..
It's all so sudden and bizarre. I'm getting a DNA test sent to me within the week, and let's just say I hope this man is my real biological father.

Please. If anyone has any thoughts, feel free to comment! I'd love some support and good feedback. I need all of the advice and guidance I can get with this.

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