The Rope --

by Emily G.

When I was born,
Everyone said I had a gift,
To make someone smile,
and slowly I learned,
it's just as important to make yourself smile too.

My confidence has always walked
a thin tightrope,
of despair and desire.

He walked, wanting to leap,
to the other side.
He stood tall,
not wanting to lose posture.
His face,
remained emotionless.
The crowd always had their attention,
on the two feet that kept Confidence from

Confidence never looked down,
because there was a mirror at the
To where he might fall,
Where he could see his mistakes.
The mirror always seemed to laugh, in mockery
of Confidence.

Sometimes he would lose himself,
and the crowd would ooh and ahh.
After a few short moments of
Confidence would regain himself again,
with a smile.

Once and a while,
he would look down,
to see that smiling face,
looking back at him.

And in only that second,
does he see himself,
strong and proud.

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