The other side of the coin

(Vancouver, Canada)

Wow!! the narcissist could very well be so but the victim's perspective that you are describing is not healthy either by blaming how he/she feels entirely on the narcissist!! The victim should identify with his strengths in order to feel confident enough to reject the blame. I think I may have many traits of a narcissist and one thing that I wish for others to do is to shut me up by dismissing me when they don't think that they are responsible for whatever they are blamed for. They can only do that if they get out of the victim mindset and have more confidence in their abilities. Not by finding ways to "learn new strategies and techniques specific to working with them" - 'narcissists'. I did not read your book but read what you wrote on this site and I think its just a recipe for making war not peace!

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Nov 24, 2014
I disagree
by: Anonymous

they already down and you practically push them further, that you consider a way to make someone 'fight back'? While I'm not the type that spend all the time comforting friends when they have problems, I rather give them a bit of comfort then give them some suggestion of solutions instead berating them.

Pretty sure why this is considered narcissist behavior because narcissists doesn't accept that not everyone have the same reactions to certain bad events and what people consider important. Which I am pretty sure narcissists or not, everyone have in theirs life time when they are down. If not yet, it will come over :) .

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