the negative person who makes you feel

by Jesper

I can't believe you're starting of with something like this "the negative person who makes you feel" - in modern psychology one needs to own ones feelings. That means, "I feel like this, because of you said" - the difference being, I'm controlling my feelings, not you.

Saying "the negative person who makes you feel" you're immediately blaming the other person, which means you've lost credibility from sentence number one.

Yes, there are blamers out there, but we need to be certain we're not one of them, and deal with what might our own fragility first before blaming others for blaming.


Hi Jesper,
Thanks for your comment. I don't think it's quite as black and white as you believe it is. I wish it was but I think there's far more to it than you might realize. I've written a long article about my thoughts on this topic here:
People Who Make You Feel - Do you really have a choice?. Also, this article might be helpful as well: Forgiveness - Why It Can Be So Hard To Do



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