The journey of life

by Manisha Rathor

Trapping between two conditions
When,no hope is there,
Confidence only on the one option
Which can save you here.

Many times, I fell down in my life
That time, only tears were in my eyes,
Many people were there to loose my confidence
But still, like my breath, I got up to rise.

Conditions become sometime very hard
That time, many things become their part,
But, at that time, I came back to my yard
With, a little hope of my art.

If you wants to achieve all goals in your life
Work hard as much as you can, day and night,
There will be a day, you will achieve all your goals
And that the day, you will feel confidence and peace in your soul.

I want to become an engineer
But,this need lot of confidence there,
So,for rising my career
Starting with a single step,today I am here.

Never be afraid to present yourself
Think always that you are totally perfect,
Because, life is a journey not a race
So always enjoy to it, because one day it will become your craze.

When, tomorrow sun will rise
That will be the moment of celebration of my life,
That day, I will count my smiles instead of my tears
I will count my courage instead of my fears.

Now, the day reached, when I have achieved all goals of my life
And now, I have the buildings of my all goals on my fertile,
Because I was always thetr to fight with the struggle in my life
So, this was the beautifull journey of my life.

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