by Susan
(Peoria, IL.)

My Mom told me 11 years ago that my bio was not my real father. The guilt, shame, and remorse she carried for almost 50 years. I was in shock. She told me the whole story. Only one other person knew and she was sworn to secrecy. Neither of them could remember his last name.

My Mom died 5 yrs.ago. I never tried to find him as it would've hurt her so much. I had the most wonderful Dad and Mom I could've ever asked for. I was happy my bio wasn't my dad. He was a jerk. I'm hoping my bio is out there. I hope he isn't too overwhelmed if I do find him. He is not aware that he fathered me. I guestimate him to be in his early to mid 80's. I don't want to do harm to anyone. I would love a pic of him. Like to know of any health issues that may be important. I want to know if I have siblings from him. However, I will handle it in a way to not hurt anyone. I will put feelers out and decide from there.

Due to his age, does anyone think I should just let it be? Any points of view and insight will be appreciated. I got my DNA kit in the mail today.

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May 01, 2019
Been There
by: Anonymous

You have the right to know who you are. And to know the people who put you on this earth. Your rights are above other people rights.

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