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What if that negative person is your spouse and your audience does in fact have the maturity (and age) of preschool children?

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Nov 03, 2011
me too.
by: L.l.

This society raises spoiled little boys who feel entitled to everything without working for it ( including respect) uuugh! I wish there was a clear cut way to deal with the spousal manipulators. my husband is seriously making me unhealthy mentally. all I feel toward him when his complaining, whining and blaming body walks into the room is pure anger and borderline hatred. He has thrown one too many baby fits over 25 years and no amount of anything helps this guy. he loves to wallow in his own self pity. MAN UP, HUSBANDS!

Jul 31, 2009
Family Member
by: Kami

I have the same problem, a child-minded spouse, and I try to avoid any sort of conflict with him, as he will twist everything around on me. Even worse now though, is the fact that added to the mix is my adult son, who lives at home. He has become increasingly negative, in part related to his own negative work environment, and pushes every button to provoke me on absolutely anything that comes up.

I recognize him as "the blamer" personality from this article. I can't avoid him completely and the more I try and stay out of his negative comments and space, the more he will come at me with his verbal attacks, and this will all start from nothing other than his bad mood. I have no idea how to handle him, as everything I have tried thus far, has failed anyway.

He does try and drag my husband into his false arguments and my husband is more of an "avoidant" personality, so he might not respond, or he'll go along with it being my "fault". Living with this sort of person, even if you love them, is very difficult and at times impossible. I feel trapped, I really wish it was just my work environment and that I could leave it at the end of the day. I have a disability that doesn't enable me to leave the situation at all.

How do we deal with these negative, blamer people when we live with them? Sometimes ignoring them is just not enough.

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