someone who expected to inherit money and didn't

by Andrew

My brother is now almost a senior citizen. He was brought up in a wealthy environment, went to a fancy college in NY and his friends became doctors and therapists. He wanted to go the art route. In my opinion he didn't really have the chops for that. He did have a bit of success writing music for some tv dramas and may still be collecting some royalties. He lived in my sister's home for the last 6 years and did not pay rent after being evicted from Soho in NYC. He does some translation work. He blames my father for spending his money and not leaving any for him. He thinks he is entitled to have inherited money and says that all his friends did. I feel this is a terrible attitude. He is very argumentative and willing to waste a lot of time arguing. What can I do besides not talking to him?

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Apr 28, 2020
by: Anonymous

Inheritances can cause real rifts because many people equate them with love or approval. It sounds like you and possibly your sister were the Scapegoats and/or Middle Child and your brother was the Golden Child. I hate to say this, but this situation is your father's fault. He played you three against one another. I would get an executor to dole out the inheritances. I would also seek therapy and try to stay away from my brother for a while. He truly seems like a narcissist.

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