Solutions - on how to deal with negative people

by Hema

First of all I think I have a lot of negative people in my own family and would like to know how to tackle this.
For years now they have always said negative things about me and my daughters. One way of warding off this is to not to react. However some times it becomes too difficult to tolerate so I start defending myself and validating myself. I would like to have your comments or suggestions on a better approach to managing these negative people in my life.After the episode I normally feel that I should have said something and guess what I normally don't say anything can someone tell me how to react without being rude.
Yes, I have read all the reasons why people are negative and where this is coming from but I would also like to have some solutions.

Thanks so much for hearing me out

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Dec 22, 2012
some help
by: Anonymous

All i can say is this: 'if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say it at all'
those who feel it is their god given duty to make people feel low about themselves need to take a good look in the mirror. Negative thoughts only nurture and grow negative outcomes whereas if someone was to spread love and kindness the world would be a nicer better place. When someone says something mean or unkind to you and you allow that to hurt your feelings then you are allowing that persons negativity to infiltrate your personal space. It is you who decides if you want their words to hurt you or not. Let them say what they want to you and then ask them "did that make you feel better?" I have heard clapping twice very loudly when someone has said something negative helps as well...the clapping sound disperses the negative energy. or another trick you could try is that as soon as you start to hear/feel negative thoughts/energy coming from someone politely excuse yourself to the bathroom, that way you are removing yourself from their negative environment and dont have to put up with their bullshit!

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